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3D Breakout

Developer: Bill Carter
Year: 2001
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 50%
Downloads: 12,101
Size: 1.48 MB
Added: 15 years ago

Our 3D Breakout Review

In this breakout game the ball goes forwards and backwards, and your paddle can move anywhere on the screen. Collect the orange bricks for bonuses, and hit multiple bricks without letting the ball hit the paddle for even higher scores. There are 15 levels and the graphics are very good. But I found it boring after a while, probably because I prefer the classic breakout games. But maybe some of you will enjoy it; I think it's worth trying.

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Fazal Gamer 2 years ago

Very nice for kids...

Fazal Gamer 2 years ago

Very nice for kids...

pankaj raj 3 years ago

very nice games in enjoy to games

posh 4 years ago


vithya 5 years ago


3D Breakout 8 years ago

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