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Aldo's Adventure

Developer: David and Benjamin Ibach
Year: 1987
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 85%
Downloads: 22,107
Size: 17 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Aldo's Adventure Review

This is a game similar to Donkey Kong. You climb ladders and walk on platforms while avoiding the rolling barrels. Collecting items will add to your time, and you win the level when you reach the treasure chest before your time runs out. For a game that was made in 1987, it's very easy to control your character.

27 User Comments

niroshana 15 months ago

great game http://adf.ly/1iIOHw

lavesh 6 years ago

it is my best game

tani 6 years ago

cool fantastic mind blowing game???????????????????///

ALDO 6 years ago

i love this game iv played it whene i was in 1 grade in school :D

Aldo 7 years ago

My game is the shit

mark5 7 years ago

unde e jocu nu e asta

IT Master 7 years ago

Anybody know, which programming Language was used for ALDO?

Was it C or Assembly or perhaps GWBASIC?

zakariya 8 years ago

wonder full ? ? ? ? /

sikandar 8 years ago

i love you katrina kaif.

Yoav 8 years ago

i can't believe! i played this game when i was in kindergarten!


noah 8 years ago

This is graet i used to play this when i was in second grade good i found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

josh 8 years ago

i dont know about an ending but one night when I was young there was a glitch on level 3 possibly I entered in a cheat accidentally buy suddenly i had 3 bars of lives at the top i remember just playing forever maybe level 12 but then it was bed time and i had turn off was never able to replicate

I Love MS-DOS 8 years ago


I Love MS-DOS 8 years ago

Cool Website!!!!!!!!!!Its The MS-DOS PARADISE

I Love MS-DOS 8 years ago

Is It A Copy From The Game DONKEY KONG?

I Love MS-DOS 8 years ago

I remember This Game On My OLD COMPUTER.Its A Really Cool Game.And Old.

^ better than that guy 9 years ago

loved this so much. had it on a 285-game disc for my old comp

mAdmAn 9 years ago

First PC game I ever got into. Played this 24/7 until I finally got a Nintendo w/ Super Mario Bros.

NeonfOx 9 years ago

I remember playing this on Kaypro II computer (i was called "Ladder") even tho it was a text based game (barrels where O's) etc, i was a great game, when i fould aldo i was so happy i could play it on PC as well :) great game

evil bert 9 years ago

gotta love aldo.... First game I ever had as a kid 20 years ago

Tomi 9 years ago

this game is absolut cool!!! I played it the last time about 19 years ago as a little boy... good old times

winwin 10 years ago

best and first game i ever played on our 2/86.

good old times!

Kylie Minouge 10 years ago

great game grandad had it once

Hati 10 years ago

this game is so cool!!!!!!!

i love it :D

Mark 10 years ago

Does the game actually have an ending? I have reached level 8, 3rd time around andf the game only gives me 3 seconds to complete the level. Not possible!

moniba 10 years ago

aldo is the best game ever

bala 12 years ago


i remember playing this game back when i was like 5 on the first computer we ever had. You'll Love It

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