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Developer: Bill Williams
Year: 1984
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 78%
Downloads: 10,961
Size: 30 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Alleycat Review

Alleycat is a very old game and a nice classic. You play an alley cat that walks around town, jumps inside apartment buildings, and collects mice. At first it was hard for me to get started but after I got the hang of it, the game was more fun. This game uses 4 colors, and has beeps for music. The beeps can get really annoying, but you can turn the sound off.

17 User Comments

DJM 3 years ago

My god i played this game way to much back in the 80s, memories!!! playing this at work and i just dont care about the sounds going through the office :D

K 6 years ago

I can't believe I can play this game again! It brought me back in my old time. Also I am looking for a game kingkong breaks the buildings. I can't remember the name..

aby 7 years ago

how to play this game on dosbox ..what are the configuration settings required???????

Emily 8 years ago

Does this work in win 7 32-bit? I super love this game way back my toddler days!

gmc 8 years ago

i cant play it said that my pc dosent support full screen mode what can i do ?

Matthew Taylor 8 years ago

Jeff, Ctrl-Y exits the game.

Matthew Taylor 8 years ago

Jeff, you will need to run the game in DOSBox

Dandyboy 8 years ago

Lots of funny hours with this classic!

nadia 8 years ago

i love this game!!

NATHAN 8 years ago

u can exit it by hitting the windows key

Mel 9 years ago

if anyone does have this old game on a cd or disk i am willing to cover costs? LIke cost of postage or disk? if so email me please: hesmine1975@hotmail.com THANKS

Ricki 9 years ago

How do you exit the game?

Jeff 9 years ago

has anyone got this working on Vista x64?

Jeff 9 years ago

This game is awesome! I think it was probably the first game i ever played on a PC. we had it on the first computer we got. A crappy old IBM PS/2. I love the swimming in the fish bowl game :)

kevin 9 years ago

thank\'s a lot

Ryan 13 years ago

Man this really brings back the memories. In my childhood we had an IBM PC jr. and this was one of my favorite games. I should have never gotten rid of that machine...

Just Me 13 years ago

This game is a classic!!!!

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