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Arcade Volleyball

Developer: Microforum Mfg. Inc.
Year: 1988
Genre: Sport
Rating: 81%
Downloads: 10,402
Size: 24 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Arcade Volleyball Review

This volleyball game is similar to pong, because the ball bounces on every side of the screen, except the bottom. Your character (a weird, big nosed guy) can move right or left, or jump. You try to get the ball over the 'net' to your opponent, and he tries not to drop it and hit it back to you. The game is fun to play a couple times, but it gets boring fast. You can play against the computer or play 2-player. For controls, you can use a keyboard, mouse, or joystick.

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Salisu Nafi‘u 5 years ago

Thank you

sfiso mthimunye 6 years ago

the game is awsome

Coarryarorrug 7 years ago

hello world

Vivek Krishnan 13 years ago

Arcade Volleyball (AV) is actually an old DOS classic, which still works even on Windows XP. This volleyball simulation features good physics, and is especially recommended for its two-player support. Nice way to spend a few minutes challenging your office teammate to a quick match. Highly recommended. If you liked this game, then try out "Blobby Volley" (beautiful freeware beach volleyball with two-player support and great graphics & physics). Blobby is like AV on steroids (search for it on this site or google).

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