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Developer: David Howorth
Year: 1989
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: 72%
Downloads: 6,421
Size: 15 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our ARGH 3 Review

This is an extremely frustrating yet fun game. Each of the 3 puzzles has a square that needs to be moved to a certain spot. There is always one spot open, and you can only move one shape at a time. Even though I spent a long time trying to figure out this puzzle and never solved it, I still liked the challenge. Definitely worth downloading if you like puzzle games.

6 User Comments

OriereebeaurA 7 years ago

viel gelernt

dmc12 7 years ago

solved several years ago. I remember my best was in under 170 moves.

abcde1968 8 years ago

ich hofe das des irgendwann geht andernfals verklag ich euch!!hehe naja arbeit ist voll scheis aber wir brauchen nen fall alsso wählt uns!^^

rosa2901 8 years ago

ok sorry aber kann mir jemand sagen wie des geht??


rosa2901 8 years ago

des scheis spiel kann ich nich downloaden des voll da kack! ich kack gleich die wand an!!^^

lolo 8 years ago

die scheise geht nich!!

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