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Champ Kong

Developer: Champ Programming
Year: 1996
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 78%
Downloads: 17,053
Size: 452 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Champ Kong Review

This is a remake of the great classic Donkey Kong from the eighties. You are trying to save the princess while avoiding objects like barrels and fireballs. Grabbing a hammer will let you break certain objects before they get to you. Earn extra points by collecting items that the princess drops. I got the game to work a few times, but the other times it did not want to load. Newer computers might have trouble running this game.

12 User Comments

Kumar 2 years ago


Vigo the Carpathian 7 years ago

Aurg!! I've tried several methods of completing each level but nothing works!!!! This game will taste my rath!!!!

Mario346kha 7 years ago

If i made "Champ Kong:The Movie" I would sell it for $14.22

Digital copy:$20.48

Gamerbond007 8 years ago

Champ Kong is one of the best Donkey Kong Clones ever. If you like Donkey Kong then this game is for you.

mapir 8 years ago

Good for play

I Love MS-DOS 8 years ago

Cool Remake Of The Game "Donkey Kong"!!!!!

Shiv 9 years ago

I hate this game. I comment you all not to play this game.This is a devilish game.Bad,poor,yusk and very pagal game.........

Tanya(champion) 9 years ago

I like this game very much.This is a fantastic game.So keep enjoying yourself and have fun.

foh 9 years ago

3 years later ...

i also would like to know how to run it on 2009 notebook !?

the dos window closes, before the game starts.

am i missing any old file on my new XP system ?

Dale 9 years ago

This game is a good clone of the original and I played it back in the 90s. I really liked it and downloaded it again. Samantha the only thing that sucks is your spelling.

samantha 9 years ago

this game really susks to high heavens don't want to play ever again!!!!!!!!

Don 13 years ago

Trying to run this game but it wont run even though it seems to instal.

I have another version of DK and it runs OK if you instal the required DLL file. WinME is the OS I have.

If any one knows how to run this game, please post the answer, Thanks,

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