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Developer: R. A. Uhalde
Year: 1999
Genre: Utility
Rating: 84%
Downloads: 24,179
Size: 268 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Cheat Finder Review

This program works by finding values in games, then allows you to edit them. You can get more lives, points, ammo, etc... This program is a little old, but one of the fastest I've used. It only works with numerical values, but can still help you a lot if you are stuck in a game. There is no help file, but here are the basic instructions:

1. Run your game, and then run Cheat Finder
2. Select the game from the list, and click on 'Search Value' (It's on the left)
3. Type in your current number of lives, points, or the value of whatever you're going to change and click start
4. Go into the game, and change the number (By losing a life, gaining points, anything to change the number you just searched for)
5. Go back to cheat finder and type in the new value, and click Continue
6. You can repeat steps 4 - 5 until you've narrowed your search down to a couple values
7. Click on one of the addresses (It should look something like '00BD4E12'), and click 'Insert'
8. Type in the name (It can be named anything, like 'LIVES' or 'POINTS'
9. Click on the address you just added, and click 'Change'
10. Type the number you want to set it to, and press OK.

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dsad 12 months ago


Lew 21 months ago

This is an awesome program. Thank you for sharing with us and allowing us to use it. Thumbs up!

dharmendra 2 years ago


ZIZOU 3 years ago


zhengxing zhong 3 years ago


Tanveerabbas 6 years ago

Hey!plz download my games

heavy 7 years ago

how do you work this thing

maaiz 7 years ago

how the hell do i do this this is so hard n i am totally 15 n half!!

apaliat 7 years ago

I like it

DC43 7 years ago

small, smart and save my bucks!

It's easy if you know how...

f 7 years ago


david 8 years ago

yerr im stumped as well

pahlevi 8 years ago


I Love MS-DOS 9 years ago

I Love Cheats!!!!!!

kpbot 9 years ago

years ago.. :( i hope this was updated in some way..

Dan 9 years ago

do they have cheat finder for starwars battle of endor

Dillon 10 years ago

This works great i love useing it thx for leting me download it

grey 10 years ago

i have been using this for years it worcks with other programs aswell as games (more days on a shareware.)

killjoy 13 years ago

i cant figure this thing out

Kvon 14 years ago

I can only get part of this thing working, but the rest of it won't work! It's really confusing how to get this to work right!

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