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Chicken Invaders

Developer: InterAction Studios
Year: 2002
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 76%
Downloads: 35,844
Size: 3.08 MB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Chicken Invaders Review

In Chicken Invaders, you must advance through waves of chicken invaders by shooting them with your laser as you try to avoid the eggs. Whenever a chicken is destroyed, a chicken leg flies down. Collect these for missile bonuses. Gift boxes are hidden in some chickens and asteroids, and will upgrade the power of your primary laser. Overall, I really like this game, especially because not all levels have the traditional 'Space Invaders' movement, where they go side to side and down. For example, chickens can fly around the earth as you shoot at them (look at the screenshot). This is an awesome game and is worth checking out.

4 User Comments

کیومرث 5 years ago

چرا دانلود نمیشه

cheekychick 7 years ago

i recon that chicken invaders can be fun but after a while gets so BORIN !!

none of your beeswax 8 years ago

this game is so stupid and very bad in influence my child to kill a real bird youall should be ashamed

I Love MS-DOS 8 years ago

10,728 downloads and no comments !!!!!!!!

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