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ChoRenSha 68K

Developer: Famibe No Yosshin
Year: 2001
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 89%
Downloads: 14,844
Size: 939 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our ChoRenSha 68K Review

ChoRenSha 68K is an awesome shoot-em-up game with an old-school feel to it. There is never a dull moment, as even one hit from an enemy ship will kill you (unless you're using a shield).

The graphics are average. The background repeats itself, but it really doesn't matter because you'll be focused on all the action on top of it. The music has a nostalgic feel to it, and it makes me feel like I'm playing a game from the early 90's.

As for the controls, they are very simple--use Z to shoot using your normal weapon (and to start the game), and X to shoot the 'Bombs'. I also found that Q pauses the game. And if you die after getting far into the game, don't worry--a 'Continue' feature is included in the game, and comes in very handy in these types of situations!

The fast-paced action will keep you hooked for hours. 68K is definitely going to be one of the best games you'll ever play, especially if you're into old-style shooters. Try it out, you won't be disappointed!

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Robochao 8 years ago

Somebody posted the music to this game and it was really good. I went and googled it and I was thrown into action very quickly. Very cool.

mwahajapan 8 years ago

Awesome game. A friend told me about it, calling it the hands down best shmup for the PC. So far I agree based on what PC shmups Ive tried. I love it as much as Dodonpachi, although I think I might tire of this game a bit quicker. I dig how the music is synced with the incoming waves at points. Very creative and epic classic game.

GK 8 years ago

This game is fantastic, but it has problems running on dual cores. Get the commandline tool "RunFirst". Run this through RunFirst and that should take care of the sound problem and most skipping problems.

verrinche 8 years ago

super good game

rorschach78 9 years ago

The game is quite fun, and I love the soundtrack. For anyone having problems with the sound, try running the game in windows 98 compatibility.

thats debatable 9 years ago

"it has TONS of errors and it often glitches up (ON WINDOWS XP, BEST OS)" thats pretty debatable, i'd say os x is way better than windows: http://www.desktopnexus.com/dl/inline/23063/1280x1024/Mac-Wish.jpg

dreamer 10 years ago

very overrated

have to tap fire

sound is broken for me

good powerup system though

SwerdMurd 10 years ago

One of the genre's finest.

In terms of style, instead of going the Cave/Milestone route by littering the screen with impressive arcs of bullets, Cho Ren Sha uses a lower bullet count. The bullets themselves, however, are much more targeted, and the "WTF!?!?" death, at least with my shmup playing style, tends not to occur as often. Don't get me wrong--Blue Wish Plus Resurrection on Hard or any of the later entries in the Donpachi series/Mushime put this game's difficulty to shame even on the higher loops, but the difficulty is very well-managed and the curve is one of the best I've encountered.

This game isn't just filler until you get to the bosses--the spread of waves is very impressive, and on par with some of Treasure's earlier work IMO. Speed is a constant blistering 60fps, and feels among the fastest among all shoot-em-ups (The Sonic Firestorm games are the only one's I've played that feel faster). Bullets on later stages (4-6 + stage 0) are almost comically fast (think U.N. Squadron on Gamer) and generally the design feels very superior to what is typically associated with a freeware homebrew game.

BGM is fantastic, albeit intentionally dated-sounding. Although you can hear filtration in the music, is sounds as though really basic waveforms (square, sine, saw, noise) were used, possibly with early-generation monophonic synthing, as some of the sounds are much deeper than the gameboy/NES-era sounds. Very stereotypical shooter music, in a good way, much in the same way Megaman music typically sounds "Megaman", yet never fails to disappoint. Sound effects are father bland, but not offensive...Just wish there was more variety to the explosion noises (but again, this could be the above sound-limitation I mentioned...I don't know the specs of the X68k's sound hardware). Overall sound is muy bueno.

Graphically, think Turbo-Grafix 16. SNES-style limitations in sprites/colors, but TG-16 smoothness, without SNES-style slowdown. All sprites are varied, and sprite rotation effects are used very well (one of the graphical highlights of the X68k platform). Bosses are huge, and their bullet arcs are purposeful, fast, and on the last 2 stages, brutally concentrated. Graphics = pretty darn bueno.

The control is veeeery tight. They use the treasure/Donpachi style micro-hitbox, allowing only the crystal-shaped object in the ship's center to take damage. You must tap to fire continuously--no rapidfire here (slight minus), but not entirely uncharacteristic of the genre. The powerup system is this game's biggest innovation. You can collect one of the 3 rotating powerups, or position your ship in the center of them to obtain all 3. This takes time, however, which isn't always a viable option when surrounded with bullets. Movement is somewhat fast, balanced, and unchangeable. Control is TURBO bueno.

7 Levels, some secret super-boss I can't get into, and tooons of difficulty (and a hard mode where enemies fire back at your position once killed) increase the replayability quite a lot. Background stagnation (gets boring by level 4, not to mention 6...) is the only real minus to this game. Z fires, X bombs, and Arrow-keys move. The options menu is mostly gibberish if you don't understand some basic old-school programming terms (BGM, PCM, etc.) and there's not a lot of customization on that front, and the sound tends to glitch for a while in Vista--sometimes it'll clean itself up in a couple stages, sometimes it'll glitch to the point of a single sound on repeat until the app is closed. These are the only features that keep this game from earning 100% - it's a shining example of why the Shoot-em-up genre will never die, and is the perfect example of well-designed and paced classic arcade gameplay.

If you have more fun staring at a wall than playing this game, I want to either find out what wallpaper you have or what you're under the influence of.

this game .......SUCKS 10 years ago

it has TONS of errors and it often glitches up (ON WINDOWS XP, BEST OS) AND sounds often glitch up which causes tons of noise

it doesnt even work, the controls SUCK you cant customize them

"Easily the greatest homebrew shmup I've ever played." - sarcasm

it ALSO has tons of options that make absolutely no sense THIS GAME IS SAD

WASTE OF TIME whoever made this, ive gotten more fun out of staring at a wall!!!

Jeff 10 years ago

You will feel bad if you miss out on this wonderful game. Go download it!

Segasonicfan 12 years ago

What an amazing little homebrew gem. The graphics are actually very stellar in my opinion because the designer was going for a specific Cave/classic shmup feel (thus the lower resolution). I also believe it was originally designed for a low-res Japanese computer gaming system (the X68 i think was the name). Anyway, the music, graphics, and gameplay are a dream come true to old school shooter fans because they meshed all the older styles together from some beautiful and riveting gameplay.

The only downside to the game is the lack of background changes. but everything else is quite phenomenal. Easily the greatest homebrew shmup I've ever played.


burakku 12 years ago

That game is a lot of fun, I enjoyed playing it. BGM is also fine, great work!

Geostigma 13 years ago

Great! A lot like those shooting gamnes at arcades. It would get 100% if it had different backgrounds but nevertheless, a fun game!

-.- 13 years ago

Good Game, very fast and hard!

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