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Crystal Ball

Developer: Unknown
Year: 2003
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 65%
Downloads: 8,433
Size: 373 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Crystal Ball Review

Type in question to get a random answer from the crystal ball. The only reason for downloading this is if you are very, very bored and you have nothing better to do. Otherwise, just get a different game.

9 User Comments

Lee 2 years ago

Programs like Hal would be much better suited to today's world. I made a game like this one back on my tandy years ago and was awed by the thing but knowing more now, I have to laugh.

Sanyam 2 years ago

Nice... But It is fake.

SPARTAN 2 years ago

this is total BULLSHIT!!!

i love it!:)

sayed 3 years ago

this game change my life...88% of the predictions it make is true..everybodi downlood it..game has real power..

shersh 4 years ago


AK 4 years ago

if you write crystal ball sucks it can say a defeniate yes!!!!if you write anything random it will say yes no maybe eg.dhhgfgffggf

ajay 5 years ago

i love this

fashola olakunle 6 years ago

nice one, its very,very interesting...........

Erik 9 years ago

I give a high score cause I have respect for those people that invented it. It fun to try it out. This is the ball most near at the truth....

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