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Dark Woods 2

Developer: Jocke The Beast
Year: 2002
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 75%
Downloads: 5,825
Size: 104 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Dark Woods 2 Review

A fun game with ASCII 'graphics' that keeps you coming for more. Collect arrows, keys, and many other things to kill the enemies and move on to the next level. This game includes a level editor.

3 User Comments

Max 13 years ago

a great textmode puzzle game ala rogue or zzt. very nice to play and many levels to go through if you have the time.

shilin 14 years ago

cool to see that roguelikes still are avaible. this game is however not a real roguelike, more a puzzle game then roguelike. but it's funny to play.

Greg 14 years ago

A funny textmode game that reminds me about zzt and roguelikes like hack and adom. Many levels can be downloaded from the dark woods website which makes the game better to play.

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