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Drug Wars

Developer: John Dell
Year: 1984
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 72%
Downloads: 11,499
Size: 26 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Drug Wars Review

The original drug selling and buying game. It is completely text based, but still provides hours of entertainment. Please keep in mind this game is only for entertainment, and it is not promoting illegal acts of any kind.

6 User Comments

206 future guy 21 months ago

Holy shit, this game is nuts.

You'll get rich so fast, if you play it right.

Guest 12 years ago

I played this game constantly through high school and continued now and then throughout college. I've probably logged hundreds of hours at it. Today, I'm making a ton of money in the stock market because of it. The instincts and strategies that you are forced to develop in order to consistently win translate directly into winning appraches for real life investment and trading. Ultimately, this game has done more for me financially then college ever did.

Guest 12 years ago

larsons a bit of a tosser

Mobius One 13 years ago

I'm another ex-drug dealer, and the other guy summed it up perfectly. It's bad. Real bad. Brokeback Mountain bad. In a game though, its pretty cool, i guess.

Larsen 13 years ago

I wanna tell you something. I was a drug dealer once. Game isn't like the real deals, but very interesting.

There is a remake of this game - Drug Lord. Both of games are great, but do not try to sell drugs in real life - it's bad, people. Trust me. I know it.

ziffle43432000 13 years ago

This game is awesome! The first time you play, you might think that it's just ok, but once you play a few games, you really get into it.

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