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Dungeons of the Unforgiven

Developer: MoraffWare
Year: 1993
Genre: Roleplay
Rating: 78%
Downloads: 6,395
Size: 528 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Dungeons of the Unforgiven Review

This stunning dungeons and monsters game contains 25 levels. Battle monsters ranging from groups of flying creatures to groups of female warriors, to water creatures that inhabit flooded sections of the dungeon! Flee from monsters that drift down the 3D corridors in boats! This game contains over 100 different spells, gobs of magic items, and more. All commands are one-key, no typing of words or sentences.

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Saffet 7 years ago


Norman Mondy 7 years ago

this game is just the demo version, the full version can be obtained from Software Diversions Inc

Amontese 8 years ago

I remember spending endless hours trying to lvl up and going deeper in the dungeon, gosh talk about nostalgic, i love this game, who needs good graphics, that would be shallow with this classic, good to see peeps that enjoyed this nice comments

JaPeK 9 years ago

Ahhh, nice to see I'm not the only one who has played this magnificient game a lot.

Aaah, those great 286 times...

JG 9 years ago

I 've been playing this game since the shareware version came 'free' with my family's new 386 back in the day. Me and a friend saved out allowance to register to the full version. I still have that 3.5 floppy with a Flame Elemental. At 28 years old, I still play the game. Someday I'll conquer module V. Till then, have fun guys :)

luvit 10 years ago

Damn tootin! The time I've spent glued to my PC playing this game I could've done something amazing with my life! But what the hell, if I die right here and now there'll be a smile on my face, thinking about the fun I had playing this ubelievably addictive game. Who said good gaming = good graphics? My hairy poop-shoot! This game ROCKS!! Why hasn't Moraff made more like it?

Guest 12 years ago

Man, this game rocks! I first played it as a kid with my PS/2 IBM computer. This particular module, I've beaten all the bosses at Level 0! The Trick is: Get a Giant Fighter with a lot of Luck, then just go around finding light colored puffballs (Gray ones especially) while avoiding the dark ones (even sky blue). Go deep in the levels to fight level drainers. They are worth a lot of XP and give you cool potions which permanently boosts your stats. My character right now is Level 0, yet has over 55000 XP, and his strength, luck, Dex, and Con are insanely high. Hint: Hoard the Rings of Regeneration. You can defeat most monsters if you have at least 3.

ingarden 13 years ago

I used to play this game in my 16mb ram pc. i had the full version which included hundreds of levels and many more monsters. It was really addictive and i did reach the end after months of trying. its was so rewarding to finish and never touched it again simply because of the amount of effort and patience it takes to win.

Subaru 14 years ago

This game may be an old dos game but it kicks ASS! Those of you out there who love dungeon crawling and fighting hard monsters, this game is for you. The graphics are laughable, yes, but...it has an addictive side of seeing how far you can go once you start slaying monsters and finding spells/magic items. You heard me right. The way you find spells/magic items is by killing monsters. Want that Power Weapon lvl 3 spell that takes 130 magic points to cast that lets you do over 1k damage? Slay something powerful!

Please do not dismiss this game because it is an old dos game or because the graphics are horrible. You will love this game once you get into it. Just wait until your lvl 8 and you go after your first Boss monster!

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