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Hacker 3: Cyber Warefare

Developer: Chen Luu
Year: 2003
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 71%
Downloads: 10,390
Size: 1.09 MB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Hacker 3: Cyber Warefare Review

You have just been employed by an underground organization called [x]-K Corp. They have assigned you 12 hacking missions, which you must complete without getting caught.

You have 8 tools/ commands to help you accomplish this, including DNS lookup, PING, NMAP, and TELNET. Hack into the server by looking up the IP address, searching for open ports, then using TELNET to connect. Log in as 'root' and use John the Ripper to find the password. Once you get in, you must find, delete, or copy any files you need to complete your mission. Before leaving, you must all traces that you were there. You must do this fast, because if you take too long they will trace your IP and you will fail the mission!

Just don't expect to be playing this game for too long, because it will get boring fairly fast. All the servers are the same, so you end up doing almost the exact same thing over and over. But other than that, the game is pretty cool and creative. So if you've ever gotten the urge to hack but didn't want to risk going to jail, this is the game for you.

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omid 2 years ago


UPLINK!!! 10 years ago

look up uplink by introversion software, it is way cooler!! you can up grade your comp, buy new tools (theres a ton of them), the music is great, and theres a ton of a variety of servers. you can hack into the social security database, criminal database, get other hackers killed (lol, not really, just part of plotline), try stealing money from banks, invest money into the stock exchange (by hacking lol), and ruin other agents lives by adding stuff into their criminal database and sending police an arrest permit or something. and if you get really into it, since the demo only limits how far your level can go and the types of things you can buy, you keep your level low by abandoning missions and raise tons of money. then theres a second demo for uplink which has full features, but only lasts 60 minutes. you use your savefile for the 2nd demo and buy your upgrades really quick, then close the program and wahlah!!!!!!!!! go to your other demo, and its really cool!

%0%(%1%-1) 14 years ago

It looks nifty, but it should have monospace fonts. The ability to copy and paste would be nice, but I guess that can be chalked up to creating a nostalgic command-line atmosphere. The description isn't kidding about the servers being all the same, with the exception of a few files. Once you figure out what your tools do, the game doesn't really test your problem solving skills, only your ablity to type fast. If you want to prepare yourself for a data entry job, play this game.

The should have been an actual command line game. Then someone would accidentally hack the stock exchange because they forgot to open the game first, and we would laugh when they got busted.

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