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Highway Havoc

Developer: Woody and Adherbal
Year: 2003
Genre: Action
Rating: 74%
Downloads: 9,370
Size: 966 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Highway Havoc Review

Highway Havoc is a game in which you try to destroy anything that gets in the path of your car. Kill pedestrians, cause car pileups, and run from the cops as you try to get as many points as you can. Getting a Big, Huge, or Monstrous Combo will give you even more points.

For a game that was made in a 72-hour programming competition, it's pretty good. Unfortunately you are limited to the straight road, but the creators still accomplished their goal--mindless violence.

This game will keep you entertained for hours. Download it, you won't be disappointed.

12 User Comments

k k patel 2 years ago


SANTOS 6 years ago


Sunny chauhan 6 years ago

nice game

ndy 8 years ago

mane gw tau ni gem bgus apa kaga.. org maen aj gw blm.. XP

jessica molina 9 years ago

does it have to be a straight line

JOrg 9 years ago

Awesome! Brilliant!!!

Jack 9 years ago

dont work on vista says error al abir highway havok.dcb and i have that file plz help.

DARK HELL312 9 years ago

this is a very good game with good graphics.....

Bad Driver 9 years ago

A great game!

اسپورت 9 years ago

دانلود بازيها

Erik 10 years ago

Please don kill me!! This is much fun and not bad graphics for that time. A time-KILLING game.

Biscayne 14 years ago

I loved this game so very violent

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