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Highway Pursuit 1.1

Developer: Adam Dawes
Year: 2005
Genre: Action
Rating: 74%
Downloads: 40,240
Size: 3.18 MB
Added: 12 years ago

Our Highway Pursuit 1.1 Review

Highway Pursuit is one of those games where you are flying, well, driving, down the road at blazing speeds. The roads are filled with "enemy agents", but also innocent civilians which you must protect. As you go along you drive through diverse landscapes, and get radioed information about things ahead. There are several enemy vehicles and weapons which you may destroy them with.

I found Highway Pursuit to be a very fast-paced game, especially if you are not very good at controlling your vehicle. Your health goes down for driving off the road, as well as hitting cars, etc. And if your driving skills are like mine, it goes down much faster than it recovers. It also takes a little bit of time to figure out what are the enemy vehicles and what are the civilians. However, the game did not appear to get boring. It seemed as though the more I played, the more new vehicles and weapons that I came across. One of the features that I really enjoyed was the ability to upload your scores so that you can compare with other players.

Despite the apparent simplicity to the gameplay, this game is definitely worth the download, and will give you hours of fun.

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rakesh 3 weeks ago

nice game

sunder 5 months ago

nice game

S.MAJVELAKR 7 months ago


b 12 months ago

i like to play

sajjad 16 months ago

its nyccc gameee

bablu 17 months ago


sanjay meena 2 years ago

very nice game

faiz khan 2 years ago

very fantastic game i love this game

kholud 3 years ago

i want to play it cuz i love it very much

Anukriti Keshari 3 years ago

I love to play it

rathod 3 years ago


sssssss 3 years ago

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Sayan Roy 3 years ago


ismail 4 years ago

this very good game

48516 4 years ago

good game

Mamun 4 years ago

Nice geme

IMRAN 4 years ago

Good a game i like this

aayush jamal 4 years ago

i want to play game but i have not this game

ria 5 years ago

nice game!!!!

بازی 5 years ago


i am secret 5 years ago

you are a big donkey as your stupid monkey

RAHUL 5 years ago


rupesh 5 years ago

super cool game.

shersh 5 years ago

nice game :)

joel 5 years ago

super game

jiel 5 years ago

super game

waleed 5 years ago

it is a good gme

IMRAN 6 years ago


ashish 6 years ago

really its fantastic game play it.

tadele 6 years ago

really i am so much satisfied

anhquoc07122009 6 years ago


Sanjay 6 years ago


pradeep 6 years ago

ek dam madar chod game hai sala

faizan ahmed khan 6 years ago

highway pursuit game in best game

Aman 6 years ago


teri bahan ka loda bahan ke lode saale shub

ab red kar nahi to teri bahan mere niche chudegi...........

alwy 7 years ago


9335052973 7 years ago

Full game data

علي ساعي 7 years ago


n'dra sien 7 years ago

i like this games

Sunny 7 years ago

Ye game bariya hai

Aayush 7 years ago

Jo bhi iss game ko banaya ho ga uski maa ka chod

rajesh 7 years ago


ggggggg 7 years ago


Anand 7 years ago

it is a nice game i have killed many cars my score is 10580

shub 8 years ago

tare maa ke chut jo read kare

robby 8 years ago

madar gold ye game PC me nahi chal raha

ADNAN JUTT 8 years ago

bot changi game a

amiya prakash 8 years ago

i wany to play highway pursuit

anshu 8 years ago

thank u for this game

ruchika 8 years ago

itis very interesting game which i ever keep playing

9335052973 8 years ago

To know about cheatin codes of this game call me


karo 8 years ago

is there no end to win this game?

ریحانه 8 years ago

بازی های جدیدی ندارید

pratheep 9 years ago

is there no end to win this game?

Radhika 9 years ago

A mind activating game that will develop concentration power to reach the desired goal.

Firecat708 9 years ago

Yes,,,,Despite the apparent simplicity,,,,,,,,,this is a great little game,,,fun and addictive,,,Ive killed many an hour enjoying it on every puter Ive ever owned,!!

andre 10 years ago

I want to play highway pursuit

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