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Iter Vehemens ad Necem

Developer: Timo Kiviluoto
Year: 2004
Genre: Roleplay
Rating: 88%
Downloads: 4,914
Size: 1.32 MB
Added: 13 years ago

Our Iter Vehemens ad Necem Review

Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN, for short) is Latin for 'Violent Road to Death', which seems to describe the game pretty well. The game is extremely difficult. You can't make multiple saves. If you die, you can't resume your game from a previous point; you have to start over. Although this causes much frustration at certain points, it makes the game much more exciting since you have only one chance to live or die.

Your day started out just like any other. You woke up, climbed trees, gathered bananas, chased monkeys that stole those bananas, and finally distributed the bananas throughout the village. And just as you are about to enjoy your free time by taking a dip in the nearby crocodile bay, you are led directly to the viceroy of the colony, Richel Decos. He tells you that he suspects that his enemies are plotting against him and intercepting his messages before they can reach the central government. Your mission is to directly deliver this letter. To reach your destination, you must travel through monster-infested underground tunnels.

IVAN works in the same way as any other RPG. You control a character, who moves and attacks using the direction keys. IVAN's gameplay, however, is very unique. Throughout the game, you can catch diseases, be poisoned, lose limbs, and transform into different creatures. Every game you start will be different, because the maps are randomly generated. You'll never have the exact same challenge twice. IVAN is one of the best, if not the best, RPGs available. If you're looking for a freeware RPG, this is the one to get.

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titspriorge 7 years ago

Nagyon erdekes, koszonom

wowgold 7 years ago

Fabulously, I just hit 60 and am actually short on gold an eye to my 60 epic ground mount. I plan to toe-hold around 500-1,000

. Anyone recognize of any to do so?


dco 8 years ago

This game is wonderfull. I like to play it again from time to time. It is such a pleasure. Each time I play, I discover new possibilities, new items, new materials, new monster. So cool to see that there is always something to learn in this game. I find the "no save", i.e "finish the game in one shot" concept really good.

battleguy01 12 years ago

This game rocks! Man oh man where to start, okay first, the graphics, awesome the best for any roguelike i've ever seen, second, the deaths, to put it in one word, many, you will die so many times before you even get past the first named baddie, and third, the comedy, some of the things in the game will really make you laugh, like Eddy in space time continuum, and Ivan the communist. Oh boy this game is the best :)

H_TeXMeX_H 13 years ago

The name says it all a violent road to death ... death is more often than not the outcome of this game, but that does not mean it isn't a lot of fun getting hacked to pieces or starving to death with rotten food all around you, (eating your own severed arm is an option). What really makes this game fun is the randomly generated maps and the fact that the armor changes your appearnace, which in some other similar games I know does not. The only downside is that it's nearly impossible to beat this game, but I think it's more fun dieing in all sorts of strange ways than finishing the game.

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