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Jetpack 1.5

Developer: Adept Software
Year: 1993
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 84%
Downloads: 10,668
Size: 483 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Jetpack 1.5 Review

Jetpack is one of my personal favorites. The size is less than .5 MB, and it will keep you playing for hours and hours. In the game, you are trying to collect all the gems, which opens the door to the next level. Collect fuel to power your jetpack and maneuver around enemies. This game is definitely worth downloading.

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anyla manuel 5 years ago

i love the jet pack game

Toftimatifs 5 years ago

minecraft for free

aine 6 years ago

can anyone plz help me download this game?

Tim 7 years ago

Where can I find JETPACKO.dat?????

Françoise Ralalasoa 8 years ago

J'adore ce jeu et je ne m'en lasse pas! Je commence et recommence depuis son téléchargement. Je voudrais savoir s'il y a une suite à partir du 101 level et où puis-je le télécharger en freeware?

Merci pour votre réponse


primetech 8 years ago

To run Jetpack on Vista, you'll have to download an emulator to provide an artificial environment. Since DOSBox fakes DOS (Jetpack's original platform), it's the hands-down choice for doing so.

Download DOSBox and Jetpack. Extract Jetpack to a directory like C:\JETPACK15\ and start DOSBox. You'll see a prompt something like this:


At the prompt type "MOUNT C [jetpack directory here]" and then press enter. For example:


This will make a fake drive C, with the contents of your real Jetpack directory on it. Once you've done that type



Which will switch to the C drive, and run the Jetpack game where it lies. Hope this helps... any extra questions, direct to primetech at mail dot com.

timppa0 8 years ago

does this work on vista?

robert 8 years ago

who made this game i wonder wish there could be a 2nd

Sherry 9 years ago

How do I get it to work >_< I want to play it again so bad =(

thariq 9 years ago

this game is cool! the level editor is the best thing

Isabel 9 years ago

I went to my daycare for summer, and they had it downloaded already. I played it, and never did anything else. I cant download it, but im looking for sites to not have to download it, just to play for free. But its difficult. email me if you find a site! - music_izzy@yahoo.com !! Thanxzz

Jeremiah 9 years ago

I think that Jetpack is the best game since spread butter.

Noah Jaxon 10 years ago

This is one of those classic games. You can play their 100 pre-built levels, but I've always preferred levels that I created. In the pre-built levels you generally run and fly around freely, but in the editor you can created levels that require you to delve deeper into the mechanics of movement, and once you've mastered that you've mastered the game. ex: when running and jumping out of a one brick opening some of the time you jump up and some of the time you go straight but once you've realized that you're not going up you have a fraction of a second to reflexively reverse and recover before falling - so in a level that I wrote you have to repeat that until you go up to the next floor. The unintentional code in the game thus becomes just as precious as the intentional code, and that's what makes the game a classic.

Derrick smith 13 years ago

its an amazing game

i luv it one of my all time fav

Jacqualyn 14 years ago

This game provides hours and hours of gameplay. I recommend it at the top of my most excellant gaming list.

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