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LaserTank 4.1

Developer: Jim Kindley
Year: 2004
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: 86%
Downloads: 6,240
Size: 531 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our LaserTank 4.1 Review

In LaserTank, you must get to the flag in each level, without falling into the water or being shot by anti-tank laser guns. You must try to do it with the least amount of moves and shots as possible.

With 2,030 levels included in the game and thousands more available online, you will never run out. Each level has a difficulty rating, so you can pick a level that suits your skill. It includes a built-in level editor, so you can design your own. You can also submit your levels to the author, and if they're good enough they'll be added to the game next time it's updated.

Whether you're into puzzle games or just looking for a challenge, LaserTank is the game for you.

5 User Comments

KingLich 23 months ago

A real solid puzzle game, got lots of memories of this from my childhood :') still lots of levels can't beat, a real challenge

lyf 4 years ago

A very nice game !

I have solved many levels and made some.

Have fun!

Paula 5 years ago

I still play this game every day.

I love the updates each month.

Chdvl 9 years ago

Still one of the best games I've ever seen!!

I believe that there are 10.000 lvl's at this moment.

Players can make new lvl's and submit them.

Try it!

H_TeXMeX_H 13 years ago

This is a good puzzle game ... almost reminds me of chip's challange, so long ago. Since there are 1000+ levels, you probably wont get bored, although the harder level are kind of frustrating. You can even make your own levels and submit them for the next map pack.

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