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Developer: DMA Design
Year: 1991
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 90%
Downloads: 214,535
Size: 238 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Lemmings Review

This was the first time I've played Lemmings, and I was surprised at how fun it was. It didn't take me very long to find out what each button was for, and I ended up playing it for a lot longer than I expected. If you don't know what this game is about, it's a game where you must guide the little 'Lemmings' to the door. To do this, you must command them to dig, make bridges, explode, climb, or anything else that will help the others get closer to the door.

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like an endermite 3 years ago


este es mi cannal lol

immichosE 5 years ago

i like this games!


Johnebyne 5 years ago


brad 5 years ago


Bardean 6 years ago

Lemmings -this old school game rocks

enzypecef 6 years ago

I do not agree ...

Clare Martin 6 years ago

Lemmings games

sddsadf 6 years ago


равр 6 years ago

texnikal.ru good site

من و اون 6 years ago

بازی بسیار بسیار زیبایی بود

یاد ما را تازه کرد. زنده باد خلیج فارس.

هر کی تونست بخونه یه ایمیل به مهرداد2آل ات یاهو بزنه بخندیم باهم.(البته دو تا ال داره)

Candice Tooze 6 years ago

It was good! I enjoyed every minute, it was a shame it had to end. Over and out.

charlie 6 years ago

Cant download the game

Kristofer Schamroth 6 years ago

I was actually having a really good time until I died. Good-oh! Big-ups to Tom Greenwell. If you are looking for someone to blame... It's Tom. See you all on the other side. Shammy x

Rebekah Schamroth 6 years ago

I'came'and I conquered!

OLDSCHOOL 6 years ago


fifi 7 years ago

puta que te pariu

Liettrelryrew 7 years ago

Hello. And Bye.

un2nu 7 years ago

i cannot open lemmings on my windows 7 64 . i want to play this game please help. thanks

shayan 7 years ago

عالی بود ممنون= its Mean ( that was great thx :D )

ROMAN 7 years ago


Brian 7 years ago

Worst site in the history of the planet. game's fine. bad website.

Ţ̴̖̰͚͂ͭ̃ 7 years ago

This is demo?

hghg 7 years ago


hi 8 years ago

luv it!!

Caroline 8 years ago

I love Lemmings!!!I remember playing it from when I was five.I still remember the songs,too =D

Maaz 8 years ago

Love this game, want to play it on my windows 7 laptop. Played years ago, my son and I teamed up and BEAT the entire game-fantastic puzzle game.

Michael 8 years ago

How do you install this game on Windows 7?

brodie 8 years ago

i would like to buy the game lemmings

frazer mcbain 8 years ago

my endless spirit will pass from vessel to womb

Jody Shapcott 8 years ago

This is my parchment. remember me.

alex 8 years ago

ownage i have actually got the real game for pc in the attic i thought it was rubbish but it actually cool

Paul 8 years ago

This game is to be enjoyed at all ages! It's cool to play it on the cellphone too!

clifard 8 years ago

lemmings is the best game in the world!!!

richard 8 years ago

i like this game

Eric 8 years ago

i'm 15 and i've played this game my whole life my dad got it when he went to japan;and i've betten it!!

Vitor 8 years ago

I am from Brazil jogo muito maneiro.

Lisa Pizza 8 years ago

I adore Lemmings, always have. I'm on the look out for contemporary games but nothing matches it's inventiveness. Happy gaming...

Maggie 8 years ago

I'm still playing this game on my old Sega 2

I'm now 72 and still love it but can't get the last level.

how ho 8 years ago


lar 8 years ago

im 15 and still play this game its really great

msdottiemae 8 years ago

i have been dying to play the lemmings game, but cant seem to get it to come up. what am i doing wrong.

Sean 8 years ago

Playing this game is behaving badly

Jason 8 years ago

um, it works on windows 7. You have to mount the folder you have it saved in as a drive. Or you can learn dos

Johnny Doe 8 years ago

I used to play this game on the computer in 2nd-4th grade. I loved it so much, and i couldnt remember what it was after i left my old school...6 years later, i FINALLY remembered, andi am FINDING a WAY to get this game!!

Jon 8 years ago


josh 8 years ago

i used to play it when i was in kindergarten oh and wat thing do i press

Allison 8 years ago

I played this so much when I was little (before 2nd grade!)

Krystal-Paige 8 years ago

i love lemmings it is the bast game ever i used to play it when i was like 9 lol awsome game:)

inetryconydot 8 years ago

Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes.

Amelia 8 years ago

This game sure does bring back memory's of my younger days. and that old computer we used to have back in the 90's.

Mut 8 years ago

Tam 18 sene once oynamistim. Mukemmel bir kurgu, mukemmel bir strateji...:)

Me again 8 years ago

id like 2 wuv this game but can't download WHAT IS HAPPENING

Annoyed 8 years ago

Y wont it work its so annoying. I tried going 2 download and nothing came up! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iljmamcalnkajt 8 years ago

Me too! I was on it the other night and completed it 48 times

iljm 8 years ago


Anton 9 years ago

Lemmings rock, and if you dont like it u suck arse!!

Barney 9 years ago

I was 27 in 91. Got this when it first came out on a Copy protected Floppy..

Which wasn't all that protected.

I still have the original disk..

Brill and adictive. My 10 year old likes it.

Ehzza xx 9 years ago

Charlie is my neighbor. He has some severe mental problems. On behalf of him, I apologize for any disruption and inconvenience.

charlie again 9 years ago

I like lamingtons to like my friend josh

charlie 9 years ago

josh is my friend and i hate lemmings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sapo 9 years ago

Donwloas DOSBox is an emulator and you can run the Lemmings game


Denis 9 years ago

I've got a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium and when I try to download Lemmings, the error message says the program is not compatible with this version of Windows. Help...anyone? We really miss this highly addictive game!

Lewis 9 years ago

Im 14 and I think I played this when I was 4 or 5 .... I wanna play it again !

Brian 9 years ago

@nitro, dont you know about time dilatation? xD

margaret H 9 years ago

anyway to convert to laptop running vista

fizzwidgy 9 years ago

well this is strange but this works on my ipod touch and its fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nitro 9 years ago

@val game released in 1991 which was 18 years ago... so it seems as if you've grown old fast, if you were 16 in 1991 you can't be any more than 37, or are you afraid to admit that you played this game at the age of 22?

kevin 9 years ago

can't get it to work on windows 7 :/

val 9 years ago

i last played this game when i was 16, im now 43 and i still love it.

Bucky 9 years ago

Very nice game!! i love this game it's my lifee!!!! S2 :DDDD

sheepEEEE 9 years ago

I do rember playing on a computer that only had 80 Mb hard drive. it was the awesomest game ever

TheNo1BigUn 9 years ago

I played this game on an IBM 386 sx/16 with Windows3.1, an 80 mb (not GigaByte, MegaByte) hard drive and 1 MB of Ram. And in those days, that was a smokin PC!!! Oh yeah, the game came to me on a 5.25 In Floppy Disk. Who remembers those? At least it wasnt a commodore 64!!! LOL

Shannon 9 years ago

Lemmings pwned back in the day

Deji 9 years ago

Hard to believe the people who made Grand Theft Auto made this years ago as DMA Design... :D

I have this on Sega Megadrive II but the quality is rubbish on my new TV -_- . Don't cross old console with new TV eh?

isa korkmaz 9 years ago

i finished this game :D my best game

Dan 9 years ago

WOW lemmings! I played this on the first computer we got back in 1994! amazing game!

james chapais 9 years ago

this game cant be forgotin',& now i am gonna play it on psp

joanne 9 years ago

how do i play i love this game 2 bits

Frenk 9 years ago

The last time I played this game I was 4 years old...now I am 20 and I WANT TO PLAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! :DD

mikej6 9 years ago

dude i loved this game it was f-ing awesome

trish 9 years ago

i used to love playing this game, me and my mum used to argue about who gets to play a.s.o really funny..but now i have my own laptop so there will be no more arguing anymore ;-) lol

michael 9 years ago

hi. i had the same problem, but use dosbox. yes it works on viste. here's aguide:


you find the program here:


here is some coments on the problems:


jojo 9 years ago

my fave computer game in my childhood days, everytime i went to my cousins place, play lemmings on the comp was the first thing in my mind haha love it bad thing is, i cant play it on my laptop :\'(

Eddie 9 years ago

Hi guys, I loved this game years back but its asking for code, can any one Please help?

Mohammad 9 years ago

I like lemmings a lot and played it years ago and now returned to it and I'm happy to play it again.


MYOBman 9 years ago

o 4 christ's, sake, vista's the best windows so far. so, Y?

Jack 9 years ago

'Doesn't work on vista.' Vista is a joke, Get a real operating system.

dave 9 years ago

shut up the "doesn't work on vista" cries - NOTHING DOES!

Jason 9 years ago

Dos Box!

Yeah for sure all you need is dos box. there are different 1's dependind on your operating system. I use it to play real old games on XP.

Wikipedia has a brief expla on how to use it. Its rel simple.

brian 10 years ago

excellent the combination of VGA then no.4 made it work.other combos and mouse or graphics wouldn't work properly

al bird 10 years ago

xp pc and same problem: flickering images. seems like the whole game runs in slow-mo. ... cpu? graphic card-problems?

Treypound 10 years ago

when i play on a xp pc the screen flickers??? any ideas

Dissapointed 10 years ago

Game doesn't run on Vista

Erk 10 years ago

First time I have played this game was on the Atary lynkx, a portable version of the atari console with the a scart to watch television, anyway, good game.I had good times with it.

Philip J. Fry 10 years ago

very fun game- awesome

Savo 10 years ago

get hold of dosbox and you will be as good as gold

Bummed 10 years ago

Dosen't work on Vista.

smartyn 10 years ago

i cant run it on my laptop , gutted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandra 10 years ago


nick 10 years ago

i think that this is the best game ever made

HABIB 10 years ago



Byron 10 years ago

I remember playing this game when i was young on those old computers.

Good Times!!!

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