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Developer: Richard Trammer
Year: 2004
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 79%
Downloads: 20,097
Size: 59 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our LodeRunner Review

The original game was created back in 1983, but this remake is very close to the original. You are a golddigger who collects treasures while dodging guards. To win the level you must collect all the treasures, then a ladder will appear that will let you climb up and onto the next level. Dodge the guards by digging holes to either your right or left side by using the n/ m keys, which they fall into for several seconds before climbing back out.

11 User Comments

Abenezer Tiruneh 3 years ago

This game is very interesting and challenging game type I see before

leo 7 years ago

good game .i love it

Old man 7 years ago

Old man plays old game! I returned to 1992!

ahmet 8 years ago

commodore 64 te oynadığım iki oyundan biri herbiri 150 bölümden oluşan 3 versiyonu vardı.hepsinide bitirmiştim.commodore 64 üm halen çalışıyor.Lode runnerlerimde 3,5 luk disketlerde canım sıkıldıkça oynuyorum ama PC versiyonlarını arıyorum.

M.VIJAYARANI 9 years ago


Frank 9 years ago

Disappointed. Couldn't dig a trap to slow/run over the guards.

Erik 10 years ago

the original is better anyway, no sound that makes the game less interestig. Its 2D but there is no real fun on it. The problem is often that you get stuck between some enemies and then you just die.. You can call it a bug, buut there are ways to think smart and avoid this situation. Its hard to play at the end. I downloaded the game for curiosity, but if you want an answer now... This game pritty sucks, even at that time of releasd it wasnt a succes. But, anyway, have fun with it. You may have an other vision on this game... hehe..

ulehacket 10 years ago

Great game, but to slow and no sound. Anyway, this game will make peoples addicted. Good developer.

Ruthie 13 years ago

I loved the game! It is very much like the original, but very very slow. I have no patience for slow games. Speed it up and I'll never stop playing!

anthony 14 years ago

needs more speed (feels like lodewalker)and some simple sounds like the original would be gr8. pretty bloody good tho & brought bak memories & that "can't stop playin" feeling

Gustaf 14 years ago

Good game, a lot like the original. Only problem, I do not want to start at level 1 every time. In the original you could choose starting level. And in the original you got 1 extra life for every level completed if I remember correctly.

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