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Mah Jongg

Developer: Nels Anderson
Year: 1993
Genre: Board
Rating: 85%
Downloads: 10,917
Size: 398 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Mah Jongg Review

Mah Jongg is a colorful and addictive solitaire game, based on a Chinese game that is over 3000 years old. It's played with a set of 144 tiles and the object is to remove pairs of tiles from the playing board until the board is cleared. It sounds easy, and it is easy to learn the basic rules, but success is elusive. Includes many features such as undo, multiple saved games, extensive player statistics, help, etc. Use the traditional Chinese tiles or create your own with the included Tile Maker utility. Many different tile sets are included.

18 User Comments

Colleen Harrigan Staver 5 months ago

Has anyone developed an iPad app for this? It is by far the best mahjong that was ever made, I used to love playing it with the beer tiles and the baseball tiles. I really miss it.

duda 20 months ago

It is the best mah jongg

IngeZ 3 years ago

Great game, I played it as a teenager back in the 90's, now I make tilesets for my own kids. They love it as much as I did :D

If you want to run this game under Windows 7 or higher, try DOSbox

Katalin Bozsoki 3 years ago

Please make it available for android. I LOVE THIS VERSION

Katalin Bozsoki 3 years ago

Please make it available for android. I LOVE THIS VERSION

Robin 5 years ago

I have played this Mah Jong from Nels Anderson since the 1990's and it is still The Best. We desperately need a verson for Android !

irma 5 years ago

questo è difficile da chiudere ma molto meglio delle altre versioni con le doppie coppie

Pierre 5 years ago

Hope the one I used to play passionately

Sue 6 years ago

I really enjoy your mah jong it is fantastic thankyou. can it be played on windows 7

Paul 8 years ago

You can get this to run under Windows 7 (and VISTA). Google an application called DOSBox. Download it, install it, follow the directions to run older DOS (16 bit) apps on Win7. Win 7 is either 32 or 64 bit, the old stuff, like mah jongg is 16 bit.

K&B 8 years ago

Is there a version of this that is compatible with Windows 7 please

Jack 8 years ago

I lost my disc with v3.4 body parts version on it how can purchase a new version of it and I have xp pc will it play on it

bertine valkenburg 8 years ago

hoe kan ik mahjong nels anderson download?

hans@gotheit.se 8 years ago

Hi, I downloaded my version of Mah Jongg at late 1980'ies and it had survived many generations of Pc OS until I happened to buy a Win 7 64 ´bit. Your 1987 Solitere is still the best game if it's kind. Please help. I'm willing to pay for it.

Renate 8 years ago

I just purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and this 3.4 version of Mah Jongg won't load. Is there an update I can download?

Ginger 8 years ago

Is there a version that plays under Windows 7?

Robyn 9 years ago

My step father wanted tis game on his new computer because he loves it so much. Thanks heaps for the opportunity to download it.!

Marshall Ward 13 years ago

I purchases this game from Nels Anderson many years ago, around 1993 or so. This was a very addicting game for our family. It provided many hours of entertainment. The tile maker utility was a lot of fun as well. We created a couple of new tile sets that we all used periodically. This is a DOS based game, but it seems to run fine under Windows XP.

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