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Mario Moto

Developer: OneEyedParrot
Year: 2003
Genre: Sport
Rating: 66%
Downloads: 19,608
Size: 594 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Mario Moto Review

Finally, a Mario game that is not just a remake of the original. Ride along the track as you pull off flips, wheelies, and tire hops. Use the points you earned to upgrade your bike's jump height, endurance, or buy sponsors. It also features modes like free run, career, survival, and graffiti. There are also a couple different catchy songs that play in the background (I heard 2 from AC/ DC). Although there's a lack of variety in stunts and tricks, it's still worth downloading.

7 User Comments

faris 4 years ago

game very gud

matiasssssssssss 7 years ago

hola guachossssssssssssssssssssss

luis 7 years ago

por q no se pueden descargar mierda

tabiri joseph 7 years ago

this game is good

oreana 7 years ago


charles 9 years ago

how do you start this game i have vista

Miguel 9 years ago

great game

like excitebike

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