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Monopoly 1999

Developer: Ethan Stone
Year: 1999
Genre: Board
Rating: 60%
Downloads: 20,735
Size: 380 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Monopoly 1999 Review

Just like the Monopoly board game, but you can play against the computer if you want. The graphics are poor, but it's readable. The good thing about this game is you don't have to beg anyone to play :).

6 User Comments

Brain 5 years ago

This game is to be ran within a DOS emulador, like DOSbox. It's not intended for double clicking in any version of Windows, it's a very old game. It will run without issues if you use it inside DOSbox.

diablo 3 7 years ago

Greetings! Really valuable suggestions on this short article! It really is the tiny alterations that make the most important modifications. Many thanks a good deal for sharing!

michael tate 9 years ago

want to play more than 60 minutes

corey 10 years ago

says wont play on full screen and wont let me use it!!!

frikkie 10 years ago

reasonable,not too slow,graphics a bit poor,but enjoyable

Lyssy 11 years ago

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! I stopped playing after only the first turn.

It was bad enough that it slowed down the mouse speed so much that it took practically 10 minutes to move the mouse to the other side of the screen. It was not that hard to figure out how to play the game, the difficulty was getting your mouse to the button before you got bored of it completely.

It doesn't mention that it wants you to use primarily button controls.

Pressing 'I' for info caused my computer to freeze. And I know the issue is not with my computer (less than 18 months old).

Finally, it decided that it wanted to change *all* the settings on my computer. The resolution, the colors (down to 4), my desk top, and icons were all effected. In order to get my settings back to normal, I had to restart my computer.

Definitely not worth the hassle.

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