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Monopoly 1989

Developer: Leisure Genious
Year: 1989
Genre: Board
Rating: 76%
Downloads: 12,037
Size: 152 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Monopoly 1989 Review

This Monopoly game was made in 1989, but it has surprisingly good graphics for its age. Up to 8 people can play at a time, and you can have as many computer or human players as you want. Although I don't like playing board games on the computer as much as on an actual board, this game still interested me. A tip: selecting EGA graphics worked best for my computer.

6 User Comments

sandeep 22 months ago

very interesting

ActuallyPlaysMonopoly 2 years ago

wow i actually play monopoly, and i had the old playstation 2 version, so this brings back memory

jasmari 7 years ago

i would like to know what is this.

kristina 8 years ago

verry good:f

I Love MS-DOS 9 years ago

Monopoly On Computer?????HAHAHAHA!!!!!Its FUNNY

Erik 10 years ago

Better then the 1999 version, looks more new age. I should get this one.

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