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Mortar Mayhem

Developer: Pelle Coltau & Jens Juul Jacobsen
Year: 2001
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 86%
Downloads: 13,032
Size: 279 KB
Added: 13 years ago

Our Mortar Mayhem Review

Mortar Mayhem is a game similar to Scorched Earth. Select the angle and power, and then try to shoot your opponent. Play with up to 8 players at a time, although it gets annoying when you can't play against the computer and you can only have one person on the keyboard at a time. This is probably one of the best Scorched Earth type games you're going to get for free.

15 User Comments

اشرف 12 months ago


rahul 23 months ago


Binay kumar mehta 23 months ago


Thiago 3 years ago

one of the best multiplayer games ever.

Rohit 4 years ago

This is very entertaining game but it is not playable on windows 7 64 bit

aki the mass 5 years ago

Semma game ma!Supera irukku updates iruntha nalla irukkum!

franko 5 years ago


Jafer 6 years ago


Kblos 6 years ago

nice game

Everyone with xp or vista or 7 7 years ago


varun 8 years ago

awesome .. awesome game!! no other words to describe...

gagan 8 years ago

a nice game how to play this

Christopher 8 years ago

excellent game , how to play this game in windows XP

Ashiayebn 11 years ago

I played de game at my frnds place it doesn't work on my pc . Windows Xp

Karl Koder 13 years ago

A great great game with many possibilities! Play up to 8 players at the same time - were do you get that elsewhere? A huge amount of weaponry and items makes this game very very cool!

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