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Reaping the Dungeon

Developer: Frontline Software
Year: 1995
Genre: Roleplay
Rating: 73%
Downloads: 4,520
Size: 164 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Reaping the Dungeon Review

Below Jupiter's surface lies a very unusual dungeon, filled with many strange items to discover. Battle exotic creatures of all types using modern weapons and devices purchased at shops. Improve your character abilities by applying special crystals, which can be found below. Many species of magical mushrooms and visual orbs will help you in your mission to recover the special weapon! To succeed in your mission, you must use your resources very efficiently and purchase equipment and supplies carefully. A very challenging game!

4 User Comments

Greendestiny 7 years ago

Easy once you know a few tricks - upgrade damage only once, because you will get +1 DMG, regardless if you have 1, 2, 3, 4% etc. Upgrade oxygen consumption and save speed mushrooms for later on, they will be worth their weight in gold for taking out nasty creeps with several strikes in one round. Try getting clear bonus (killing all enemies) every time. Have fun!

Godzilla 8 years ago

My faforite dos-game

Would like to see a modern version

Dungeon Rogue :D 9 years ago

I made it to last level and i almost got the wep.

but the mines killed me :D

Jikkuryuu 9 years ago

I can't believe I just found this by accident. I downloaded it once from the old download.com and it ate way too many hours of my life. Freakishly hard to accumulate money since you have to spend so much on oxygen, fun anyway.

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