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Developer: Hansjoerg Malthaner
Year: 2003
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 84%
Downloads: 15,503
Size: 1.71 MB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Simutrans Review

Simutrans is a transport and economic simulation game. You must create bus and rail connections to transport passengers, mail, and goods between cities and industries. The goal of the game is to transport the goods and let the industries grow without destroying the environments. This is definitely one of the best freeware games out there; you can tell that the creator spent a lot of time working on it. Being such a good game, it would be a waste not to download it.

18 User Comments

Askarnak East Java 5 years ago

This is Great Games!!!

ridwan_taziex@yahoo.com 6 years ago

ini game yang buat orang mainin yang memiliki jiwa bisnis dan seni yang tinggi,... oke maknyusss... thank's

ridwan 6 years ago

mantep bro....!!!!

Eddie 7 years ago

Simutrans is static game

ceda965 7 years ago

the great games. favorites tycoon and transporting.great.

Tomis 8 years ago

There is new versions in simutrans.com try different paks as pak128, pak128.britain, others. Some have even better graphics a lot trains, vehicles. They could change game-play drastically in better way.

Natan Balioni 8 years ago

Very good

Erlanda 8 years ago

where i can take simutrans Full version?

Danny Staple 8 years ago

I have reviewed Simutrans in detail and compared it with its nearest competitor OpenTTD at http://www.squidoo.com/linux-transport-simulation-showdown.

Simutrans is a great game and can provide many hours of good gameplay.

mari nisa 8 years ago

mari nisa

... 10 years ago

this would be 97% if it weren't for all the ppl who don't know how to use winzip

VladimirSlavik 10 years ago

You can get the recent versions (2009 ;-) at:


dayne 10 years ago

it won't let me extract the file it's screwed

cory 10 years ago

how do you extract both into the same folder i dont get it

Kevin 10 years ago

I am not able to download it! why does it say that there is no file found on the server??

mrkholil 10 years ago

ini game yang sangat bagus, dinamis, dan menantang unukberkreasi menjadi seorang menteri perhubungan hehehe.

Bill 12 years ago

The transportation is very compelling where long term foresight is just as important as taking short term profits (i.e. rail versus buses). The time elapse of vehicles as they come and go is impressive (I have the 128x128 pack and it's extensive). At any moment, you have a wide range of buses, trains, ships, and planes to suit your vision. The basic economic model is solid, and it's fun watching a small sleepy town grow in part to your taking care of its needs.

It lacks perhaps the reach of the Sim City series, but the nuts and bolts are done well here. If you like city-building and Sim City line, this is a must. Hansjoerg Malthaner and everyone who have worked on the project have done a nice job.

Alexander Daychilde 13 years ago

Simutrans is not a static game - it's constantly being updated; for example, in the past couple of months (early 2005), trams have been added. There are also new graphics sets or scenarios that have been developed - you can play in the standard 64x64 set, shown on this site; or you can play in the 128x128, which has more detailed graphics. In addition, there are Japanese, German, American, and 1800's sets. Since the version here was released, there are just tons of new features - different kinds of roads you can build, tracks, a LOT more vehicles and buildings including multiple station types. The project lives on! http://www.simutrans.com/ or http://www.simutrans.org/ to download officially stable versions, but visiting the forums on http://www.simugraph.com/ is the best way to find the absolutely latest versions (that sometimes have bugs - but updated several times per month)

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