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Space Commanders II

Developer: ajf
Year: 1985
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 80%
Downloads: 5,142
Size: 5 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Space Commanders II Review

This Space Invaders game from 1985 has to be one of the oldest arcade games on the Internet. Still, it's and incredibly fun and addicting game. Definitely worth the 5 KB download.

4 User Comments

Hal 6 years ago

So good ! Isn't there a color (CGA) version ?

jts 7 years ago

Not even sure how I first got a copy of this game; been playing it, on and off, for more than 23 years. I never use the shields, but instead fly up directly to meet the enemy. That I continue enjoying it to this day speaks to its excellent gameplay.

The game dynamics are different on modern machines (I first played it on a 4.77MHz 8086): it's much easier to hit the aliens as they begin to march faster--just fire a missile and they'll run into it sideways.

Runs well under DOSBox on OSX. I can't speak to this download of the game, but the screenshot and name match what I have.

SleepyD 8 years ago

Won't run in Vista!!

Al 10 years ago

Enduring. This is the oldest game I have.

Bizarrely, my version started life at 9Kb, and it wasn't until I PKLITE'd it that it reduced down to the 5Kb listed here. Look for this (or similar) in the first line:

PKLITE Copr. 1990-91 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved

When your total HDD space is 40Mb, every K counts...

You move WAY quicker on the diagonal than on the straight - you need to exploit this. The bonus aliens come almost constantly on any system faster than a Pentium 60MHz. New life every 10K. Eventually though, you lose: the Alien squacks initial advance is so far your ship won't fit underneath their first rank.

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