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Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount

Developer: tAAt
Year: 2002
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 78%
Downloads: 13,723
Size: 2.02 MB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount Review

If you've ever felt like pushing someone down the stairs (admit it-we all have), Stair Dismount is the game for you. The concept of the game is simple. Just select the body part you wish to push, select the angle, and hit the 'Dismount' button when you're ready.

At this point, you might ask, isn't this a mean and morally wrong game? Relax; in reality, you are helping him. You see, the person you are pushing down the stairs is actually the legendary superhero Spector. Spector has found, to his shock, that he cannot write off all the damage he has caused to the city out of his taxes unless he proves that he has sustained a significant damage in the process himself! So you are actually doing him a favor and don't have to feel bad about pushing an innocent person down the stairs.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now! And if you enjoy this game you can also check out 'Truck Dismount', in which you are trying to hurt him by running his truck into a wall.

22 User Comments

Gralan 5 months ago

I couldn't stop chuckling for about the first two weeks of playing this game over a decade ago.

asimakis 4 years ago

good game

zidan (indonesian) 6 years ago

i love this game a bundle damage game

jp 8 years ago

awsome game

niko belic 8 years ago

is stair dismount 3 out

niko belic 8 years ago

of 3

niko belic 8 years ago

how to get stair dismount 2

craphead 8 years ago

how to get star dismount

Nick 8 years ago


brain 9 years ago

it's coming for iphone soon!!!


Holland 9 years ago

Good fun, simple but awesome especially on a bad day.. ;)

aninnymouse 9 years ago

A very high-resolution and accurate simulation

Blast toys 9 years ago

totally ccol!

Erik 10 years ago

the best way for kicking someone down the stairway. Worthy downloading for the originality and the fun you will have.

greedocean 10 years ago

home right clean stay mail girl juicy sea woman keyboard

mailcanadaho 10 years ago

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Ben Clark 12 years ago

The game was fun as hell an had pretty good ragdoll physics but if you really really want to get some anger out play the game Flat Out for the PS2 or Xbox or the pc is you have a good video card.

Ms Stept 12 years ago

Addictive and Fantastic demo of rag-doll simulations present now in many popular game engines.

A free-range camera choice would be super-nice, though this is plenty fun without.

dane 13 years ago

tis game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biscayne 14 years ago

very funny I laughed my @$$ off

Alasdair 14 years ago

Hours and Hours of super repetive fun, its awesome!

Freddie 14 years ago

Very advanced in technological feelings.

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