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Stick Soldiers 2

Developer: Whitespace Unlimited
Year: 2003
Genre: Action
Rating: 87%
Downloads: 17,566
Size: 832 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Stick Soldiers 2 Review

This sequel has many improvements over the first version. There are many more weapons, and also better graphics. There are realistic-looking explosions, and many more options. A menu was added, and now you can play a regular game (and choose from several maps, or make your own with the included level editor), play a team game, or set the options. The controls are not explained in the game, but you can find them in the data/binds.cfg file. Or just try out different keys to see what they do. The only downside to this game is that the enemy stick men are incredibly hard to beat. They have excellent aim and they move really fast, so it's very hard to catch up to them and kill them. Sometimes it's easier to press X to put the game in slow-mo, so that you can have a little more time to aim and press the right keys.

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Sniper Sam 3 years ago

I've been playing this game for years. There is a weapons editor, you go to data and scroll down to sswep. Then you are able to change any gun you like, such as ammo, rate of fire (rof), and power. Just don't change anything else or it will mess up the gun.

Oh and jet pack control is 0 on the number keypad.

Have fun.

OOHO 3 years ago


Brian 3 years ago

-Good Game :)

raymond h. garais 5 years ago

it is hard to control....i"m totaly adik ahahaha

raymond h. garais 5 years ago

this game is very nice...

niceboy 6 years ago

i know a cheat put give all its gonna give you all the things in the game

bard 7 years ago

u have to press the key below escape then u type the cheats

tomby 7 years ago

to use the jet pack if you have a laptop its the Fn button next to ctrl. on a pc its the number pad o. with num lock on!

mik 8 years ago

how do i use the jetpack dont tell me 0 coz it dosnt work

afffffffffff 8 years ago

i cant get it

David 8 years ago

im how to rename created map?

Raul 8 years ago

It´s code:

god=god mode=infinite

tim tim bob 8 years ago

best game ever! so much fun its not even funny. AWESOME!

yoyodii12 8 years ago

i need new cheats

SniperAssassin 8 years ago

I guess you all want to know how to chat right ? well it's easy , all you have to do is press the key just below the escape key, you know the kinda fuuny one , with odd symbols. Yh and then the chat box will appear but u cant chat with the bots . You can just type and enter and that alll by what i have learned

Jackller 9 years ago

how do you use the jet pack

IHaveNoNameLolWut 9 years ago


Alt Gr - Jump

M N - Change weapon

Ctrl: Crouch

0 - jetpack

W - Drop jetpack (or Z)

X - Slow Time

B - Good aim with sniper only

Arrow keys - Move

Codes: God - Invencible

Give all - Get all weapons (!) NOT INFINTE AMMO (!)

Mail me to plastationman@hotmail.com if that helped.

Lool 9 years ago

To use jet pack is 0 jump is alt the one closer to the arrow keys switch weapons m/n and to fire is space

RandomGuy 9 years ago

These are the controls for the game:

Arrow keys-move

N-previous weapon

M-Next weapon

Alt ( the right alt which is near the arrow keys)-jump

I'm not sure about the jetpack though.

adam 9 years ago

how do u jump i have tried pushing alt but it doesnt work i just started playing as well and i keep dieing because i dont know ho to jump if you know please email me the answer my email is adamtrenberth@hotmail.com

g 10 years ago

the cheats dont work on mine

DaNnO 10 years ago

jump = alt

space = shoot

m/n= change wep

your mom 11 years ago

can some one tell me how to talk plz

Guest 12 years ago

wanted cheats?

i got some here..

open the console in the game by pressing the ` key.

godmode: god

all items: give all

edit current map: editor(can be any map, even default)

to save map after editing: save map

Me 12 years ago

100% absoluatly brilliant, fun, lots of death and a matrix/slow motion option, whats not to like?

Guest 12 years ago

how do you use the jet pack?

Guest 12 years ago

where are the controls like the jet pack what do you click?

Guest 12 years ago

this game rules the gamer planet of games i cant get my eyes off the damn screen

Guest 12 years ago

which button is to jump

Guest 12 years ago

Try googling the game Soldat.

it's the competitor of this game, and graphics/sound/bots are way better + you can aim with the mouse!!

+ more weapons and levels then this game

there are some h4ck5 for it, but not many. all aimbots are private for it. Google SOLDAT. part freeware and part not. you can buy it if u like it a lot, (more features) the graphics are way better too +online play!!

[admin note: Soldat is already available on PC Gaming.]

Guest 12 years ago

Whats the Jump Button?

Sebmeyer 12 years ago

wow this game is very very geil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

leet man 12 years ago

good game but the controls take some time to master(for me at least). still, its lots of fun and will keep you playing for hours

krat14 13 years ago

Stick soldiers 2 is a great game but i have a question-- how do u upgrade ur weapons??

S ! T ! I ! C ! K ! S ! O ! L ! D ! I ! E ! R ! S

----- R () [] L z ----- ~_~ ^_^

simon 13 years ago

its the grates game in world

Stick-Man 13 years ago

This is a fantastick game this game its cool 100% shoting and fuuny scene play this game !

Hexeen 13 years ago

Good game , always killing , loads of fun. But would be nicer if it had a weapons editor. Someone said you can change their settings but yeah. All around good game , just like worms and liero xtreme

Reece 14 years ago

this is basicly better than halo 2

mee 14 years ago

The best freeware game I have eva played

FSlSlayer 14 years ago

FUN FUN FUN!! Like CS, but not as good. But really fun for a freeware game...

DeV 14 years ago

This game was so exciting that I play it, with 60% of my life!!

punny 14 years ago

This is so cool!!

Isaac 14 years ago

Probably the most addicting game since PONG.

Countless hours of non-stop-delicious carnage.

I only wish it had network play.

Jimmy-Jimmy 14 years ago

I like to kill people =)

Ookay 14 years ago

It's free, it's fun, and it's addicting! It's small enough that it doesn't take that long to download. Once you've played with it for a while you'll learn to create you own weapons by changing their states. The game has two types of games: FFA (free for all) and Team game. There's also two cheats, at least two that I know: Godmode, except that you can still die if you fall off of the level, and "give all" which gives you all of the weapons in the game.

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