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Developer: Broderbund Software
Year: 1990
Genre: Action
Rating: 82%
Downloads: 77,097
Size: 1.06 MB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Stunts Review

This awesome racing game has 11 cool cars and 29 tracks. Each track has crazy turns, twists, loops, and jumps. Compare this game to any other DOS game from 1990 and you will see how good the graphics are for its age. You might need Mo' Slo to play this game, otherwise you will have almost no control of the car or scrolling menus.

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valentin 17 months ago


AMAN 23 months ago


AMAN 23 months ago


x 2 years ago


pawan 2 years ago

oooni kiti ae download dikhde ne

gustavo leiva 2 years ago

buen juego

V.kumarakurubaran 4 years ago

im kumarakurubaran from thiruvalaputhur this game is very good

daizzy 6 years ago

I want to buy this game what must I do?

Vinayak 6 years ago

Very amazing

Arpit yadav 6 years ago

This was a brilliant game

stync 6 years ago


Mogequek 6 years ago

Hey baby que paso!

Anuj 6 years ago


Lucky lala 6 years ago

funtastic game..............,,,,,,,,.......,,,,,,,,,

Mohit arora 6 years ago

Vry vry bekar game

replicac98878 7 years ago




replicac47648 7 years ago




Darshan 7 years ago

I love this unique game

MawAdandastam 7 years ago

necesidad de comprobar:)

robin 7 years ago

very bad game

giorgi 7 years ago

good game

Some guy 7 years ago

Guess who's the original creators of this game? The guys who made Test Drive and The Need For Speed :3

prathyush 7 years ago

very good i like it.

DiemUtell 7 years ago

Qqdwqdsaas ascaassc fdrewe:

unhoped-for serenity. Close together on the porch they would wait for

communal contracts, and the like--fine cobwebby figments, all, but

sheila 7 years ago

I wonder how this STALA Stunts on the computer, which is the Window that is it? serves Windows XP? I await your reply my email is: sheila.sanches @ hotmail.com ok? Is that in fact I really like this Stunts await your response as soon as possible thanks

Sheila 7 years ago

eu gostaria de saber como stala esse Stunts no computador, qual é o Window que ele é? serve o Windows XP? Aguardo a sua resposta meu e-mail é: sheila.sanches@hotmail.com tá? É que na verdade eu gosto muito esse Stunts Aguardo a sua resposta o mais depressa possível obrigada

GamR 7 years ago

Ohh! I love this game!! but when i start racing my car blows up.. and it says "you forgot to disable the car's security system first."

does anyone know what i need to doooo???

Hanishmadhok state delhi khyala narsing garden 7 years ago

It was very amazingly

MANOJ 7 years ago

YEAH Its so,dangeours stunts.ad i like stunts .

Ram 7 years ago

Stunt game

Sameer 7 years ago

Hiii .i like stunts

Sameer 7 years ago

Hiii .i like stunts

trackmania 7 years ago

I suggest Trackmania, is almost the same and availible for free as well

SHIVA 7 years ago


yash 7 years ago

the collest game

OpelH@sser 7 years ago

it was a long time ago but today one of my favorite games =)

game_reaper 7 years ago

Stunts is beyond awesome! This is the ambassador to all racing games ever made. It is perfectly obvious that the creators of this game intended for it to be a classic! The infinitude of possibilities in making tracks is unlike any other racing game with track editors in it, even comparing with modern games. This is the game that New York cabbies play to settle their aggressions after a tough day at work. The condottiere of racing games is challenging every other army, and has extirpated them all, with no loss of his own troops, all indomitable, votive fans of this supernal, perdurable game! Everything else is excrementitious! Only a steatopygic gudgeon would not download this onerous masterpiece!

Jim sim 7 years ago

I cant link it up so cant comment. Lol Mr Sim!

Rahul verma 7 years ago

Its just amazing.

rajesh 7 years ago


rajesh 7 years ago


jencdnhome 7 years ago

What's going on every body? Im a brand new member to the board and thought I could say hi. Thank you, glad to be here.

arbaaz 7 years ago


Timmy D 7 years ago

Was great long time ago ... and still rocking!!!

@Gonzalo Cifuentes Vladilo:

Use a Dos Emulator and it will work...

Lars K K 7 years ago

Omg.. Can't believe I've found this game.. I remember playing it around 96 and haven't played it since... Loved it.. Brings back memories...

Gonzalo Cifuentes Vladilo 7 years ago

It doesn´t work with Windows 7!!1

rayyaan 7 years ago

I like this game

prince 7 years ago

games are cool

yatakoybegu 8 years ago


t boy 8 years ago

please stop wasting your time in this stupid old


YAZ 8 years ago

@m@am: run pls under dosbox!

adi 8 years ago


fhbgcg 8 years ago

it sucks

m@m 8 years ago

how could i run it in XP or win7?


imran 8 years ago

This game enables you to build your own tracks with loops, slaloms,

ramps and more -- and then race against the computer.

sumit 8 years ago

veey nice game

XL_ 8 years ago

This is definitely an all time classic racing game. If only some of the developers of newer games could copy some of the functionality of this beauty!

Felipe F. 8 years ago

Hello, i'm a brazilian men and this game make me remember my infancy.

I'm so happy !


roxaan tamsong 8 years ago

when da stunts came in my life . i am crazy about stunts.

Dude 8 years ago

Most epic game ever.

Luciana 8 years ago

Amazing! Reminds me of when I played it as a child/teenager. Fantastic, thanks so much!

alaa 8 years ago

ارجع يا تاريخ و اكتبلهم جولاتى و صولاتى فى اللعبه دى

fishbnik 9 years ago

Yes Stunts is better than need for speed :-)

ÆPinga 9 years ago


george 9 years ago

wtf do you have to press to disable security sistem

S.K 9 years ago

Hello. Please can someone tell me how to fasten the seatbelt and how to remove that security lock coz i can't remember how to do that so i cant play the game!!

fggg 9 years ago

how turn off seabeal

Rob 9 years ago

Steve, use a free-to-download program called DosBox. It\'s gotten me playing this and the original Descent in my free time.

raja parikh 9 years ago

worst game i had ever played.please don\'t play this game.a childish game

Regis 9 years ago

Eu me chamo regis e que te falar que eu adoro este jogo!!!

Steve Spoon 9 years ago

Man I played this game back when I was practically a baby. Would love to play it again and after burning it to cd was able to install but sadly when I try to run I get an error saying "this system does not support full screen mode"

Anyone know of a way to make it work on vista?

Steve Spoon 9 years ago

Man I played this game back when I was practically a baby. Would love to play it again and after burning it to cd was able to install but sadly when I try to run I get an error saying "this system does not support full screen mode"

Anyone know of a way to make it work on vista?

Cassio Nieviroski 9 years ago

Eu cresci jogando o Srunts, foi na epoca de infancia.

Fazia varias pista e tentava bater o propio record

Bimbo 9 years ago

richtige geiles game (= absolutes muss, sag nur sexy grafik zu der zeit XP

ps heute immer noch

josh laird 10 years ago

i really want to play this game.

zodiaclove 10 years ago


I can not agree with what you said really....

please explain in detail a bit more for me :d

thank you

Brisa Garcia 10 years ago


Delilah 10 years ago


Can someone please tell me how to install this fantastic game? :D

It tells me to insert the "stunts" disc "A" , but i dont have any disc. Please tell me what to do?

Evan 10 years ago

nice game sweet!

Moose 12 years ago

Stunts is the most Q-RAD game I've ever played! I like to do loop-d-loops in my mooze caboose and got a high score too!

Guest 12 years ago

can not play it because i do not have the book to login to the game when it asked me what word is on page-line-word

Guest 12 years ago

Gimme STUNTS 2 !!!!! :-)

Guest 12 years ago

Until today I hadnt played this game since -95. If i'm not mistaken It wasnt the original game, some floppy copy from a friend. Back in the old days.

*This is what you should play before taking driverslicense.

*The graphics are good.

*Sound is excellent.

*The cars are beautiful, enviroments so toooo.

*The "hummer" has a Ferrari engine, if im not mistaken totally.

*This game should be on every hardrive everywhere.

Guest 12 years ago

As the others say: one of the best games ever. The cars all have their own properties, and a terrain car really has more grip then a porsche. But the part it is all about are of course the fast tracks. Hop in a real racing car, hang through the corners, jump, loop, crash, do this a few times until you finish, race some more, and then build the next track. Press shift+f1 in the track editor to enter the terrain editor.

(For the record: there is a freeware project running called ultimatestunts, so maybe that will be good enough to pass as stunts 2? www.ultimatestunts.nl)

Krys TOFF 12 years ago

Disable security system in Stunts :

I strongly suggest to use 1.1 version available at download page of ZakStunts website ( http://stunts.mine.nu/zakstunts) and then run stunts_k.exe which is cracked executable (simply press enter when question is asked).

Or you can use the following answers (between the "*") to the questions of the game if you prefer using the original executable :

Page Line Word Question

1 12 2 ...and *destructive* stunts that can smash your car...

2 8 1 *race* on the standard track by clicking on the car...

3 2 1 *track* selection screen. Your goal is to be on it.

3 13 4 In addition, *previewing* might give you a better...

4 4 4 ...time than missing *three* pieces of regular...

4 8 1 *proper* direction. If you get on the track...

5 12 3 hit the *cables* and crash...

6 3 7 while you are driving through the *loop*...

6 5 8 ...more than *110* MPH

7 2 1 *displaying* the current car, an acceleration curve...

7 5 7 ...retail price), and a set of *buttons*.

8 5 7 Just your everyday type of vehicle. *You*...

9 3 9 Interrupted while driving with a *query*

10 3 5 ...your driving performance. This *button* is...

10 6 1 *camera* mode while in this viewing mode.

11 2 1 *directory*. Highlight the desired replay...

12 2 1 *around*, you can choose to race any one at a time.

13 4 11 ...bird's eye view of the *currently*...

14 6 1 *selected* piece is the area upon which it...

I hope it will help.

For sound problems, select speaker sound instead of Adlib/SoundBlaster.

Game runs with Win XP but slightly slower and sometimes the car do weird things (turning when you're not pressing the key for example). Hopefully, the game is well supported by DOSBox, all you'll have to do is adjusting the frameskip according to your computer speed.

I remember you that Stunts community is still alive and that different competitions are still active.

Check the Stunts racing portal : http://stunts.mine.nu

According to the competitions, rules can be different : on some shortcuts are not allowed for example (WSC competition).

For those who compare Stunts with TrackMania or CrashDay, well, these games are good too but the main thing in Stunts are all those awesome bugs (powergear, weird jumps and so on) which are and remain unique.

Waterbottle 12 years ago

The is most definatly the best racing game ever made.

Guest 12 years ago

I agree with the other comments posted. We want a stunt 2.

It would be great that the company that owns the code, release it under GNU license. Then, another programmers could make a new version and externd the fun !!!

MIKE! 12 years ago

hey it waz wicked finding this game out again but wats this about some stupid security system! it wont let me play!!!!

josh (guest) 12 years ago

thanks for putting this up, as someone said, they should make a STUNTS 2. best racing game ever. unfortunatly the sound doesnt work :(

Mozi 12 years ago

I used to luuuurve this game as a kid! I've downloaded it again, but can somebody please tell me how to disable the car's security system?!!!

Musicotico 12 years ago

Love to play Stunts... My native language is spanish, but I remember playing this game aroung 1992 and pressing all button, even thought I couldn't understand...

I decide it to play again, but can't remember where to get the passwords... don't know the file... help me out please...

Any clue: musicotico@gmail.com

Thanx a lot, and enjoy creating new tracks!

Vivek Krishnan 12 years ago

I used to be crazy about this game. "Once a classic, always a classic". I haven't checked out this particular download - will do it later. Those of you complaining about being unable to run such DOS classics, check out DOSBox(dosbox.sourceforge.net). And as for Stunts2, check out TrackMania.com

which is like the most amazing reincarnation of Stunts - the new TrackMania Nations is free (but I prefer TM Sunrise) !!

Timmy B 13 years ago

Yes, this game was awesome.

Anyone looking for the ultimate modern alternative and the closest thing you'll get to Stunts 2, check this out: http://www.trackmania.com

Krys TOFF 13 years ago

Awesome game from BroderBund, also known as 4D Sports Driving from Minbdscape in some countries.

Main thing in this game are the numerous bugs : "power gear" of some car (you can go up to 245 mph on the grass with indy, NSX and some others), crazy crashes, fun rebounds to the sky, going through concrete blocks or loops if you have enough speed and talent, ...

And the famous track editor, simple to use and efficient. One info not in the game manual : press SHIFT and F1 to have a landscape editor.

This game is still played by numerous people in the wolrd, and many racing hotlap contests are still existing. You can have links to them using the Stunts Racing Portal : http://stunts.mine.nu

A must have game !

camicius 13 years ago

great game, and you can create your own tracks!

I've seen no more game!

sTUNTER 13 years ago


scs748 13 years ago

excellent game - they do sorta have a new version out, you should check out trackmania - it's basicly the same as stunts fewer cas but more track options and much much better graphics and sound

mARTIJN 13 years ago





Redcommi 13 years ago

Need we say more. The KING of carracing combined with ours and ours of pure satisfaction. The trackcreator is the best part of the game, simple, clever and above all, it works.


Desdinova 13 years ago

This is an absolutely unique racing game.

I used to play Stunts all day long back in the early 90s when I was 7-9 years old. And finding a free download of my favorite DOS game is just fantastic. After racing through all the tracks and building a couple of new ones on my own (the track creator is simply genious), I found the game to be just as great now as it was back then. All the good old stunts and cars are there.

But I'm not saying that this is strictly for the now adult Stunts veteran. This classic has alot of fun for anyone not dependent on modern sound and visuals.

Minor complaint: The sound is not working properly on one of my computers, but that's not too important.

Enthusiastic 14 years ago

This is a one-of-a-kind game! I wish there were stunts 2!

This game enables you to build your own tracks with loops, slaloms,

ramps and more -- and then race against the computer.

Still fun today if you come up with new ideas for tracks. If you decide to make a track you can even build roads that split into two and then you can drive the track differently each time.

You also have the option to record your driving and replay cool jumps

and crashes as you explode on your opponent.

The game's only disadvantage is its age -- will somebody pleeease make

stunts 2??

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