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Super Mario Final

Developer: Amit Bhandarkar
Year: 2000
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 76%
Downloads: 41,525
Size: 587 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Super Mario Final Review

Super Mario Final is a very unique game; it is very different from all the other Mario remakes. You start out with 100 health, and different enemies make you lose different amounts of health. Mario is very small on the screen (take a look on the screenshot, he's in the middle), and also very hard to control because he moves so fast. Download it if you want, but I suggest you download a different Mario remake, such as the well-made Mario and Luigi.

16 User Comments

Bert 3 years ago

some morons expect too much from a simple 2000 game

fafa 4 years ago

Thanks that's good

Ozzy 5 years ago

My mom downloaded this for me back in '03 and I really enjoyed it. It was really my first mario game since we didnt have the money to buy the consoles that his games came out on. I think I'm speaking through a little bit of nostaglia, but I'd still play this game even with its glitches.

joaquin 6 years ago

como sehace para descargar

rahul 6 years ago

oo rally funy a i rally love it

daniele 7 years ago

Scusate ma io non ho capito la fine di questo gioco. Perchè alla fine Mario combatte contro Sonic? Da quando Sonic rappresenta il cattivo?

Riverxz 7 years ago

This game gives shame, really, in the description says that all bugs were eliminated, however there are thousands of bugs throughout the game, and the bosses are disgusting, especially the fine, that fights against sonic, that no meaning, apart from that background at all levels have been irregularities, such as hills cut in half, giving punishment, but the whole game that gives me most is the final sack, by dissolution, mario was not small, moreover, are flying, which I think a lot, if you have a decent game publisher, best not to edit, prove that your games suck like this game.

note: I agree with everyone who spoke negatively about this game


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nabil 7 years ago

it.s niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

rob 8 years ago

i farted hahahahahahaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah funny

I Love MS-DOS 9 years ago

Cool Game!!!!!

I Love MS-DOS 9 years ago

Is It The "Final" Game Of Mario?????

I Love MS-DOS 9 years ago

The Game Is Zoomed Out :(

anthony 9 years ago

i like this game lol

whats your problem??

:/ lool

Kenster 10 years ago

I'll give u 2 words:wierd and cheap.The game is full full of glitches and screen diversions,its not even worth downloading.The music is the only thing I give a thumbs up for,though.

r0xx0r d00d 12 years ago

bad design and graphics....really amateurish. frusterating too. but still pretty fun if your not critical at all..

PooH_ 12 years ago

Thanks that's good

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