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Super Mario War 1.10

Developer: Florian Hufsky
Year: 2004
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 82%
Downloads: 70,900
Size: 548 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Super Mario War 1.10 Review

Your goal in Super Mario War is to stomp on your opponents as many times as you can. You can play with up to 4 players, and you can have any of them be human or computer. There are 5 different game modes: fraglimit, time limit, classic, GetTheChicken, and no limit. There are a lot of levels included, but it also comes with a level editor if you want to design your own level.

49 User Comments

abdoun - anas 16 months ago

wow coool game

ziga 17 months ago


nh 2 years ago


giovanni 2 years ago


TOURABI 6 years ago

Super mario new Download free

MAYA 7 years ago


VISHAL 7 years ago


helping_ayudar 7 years ago

How do i make it full screen??

SWAT 7 years ago

Heheh! I downloaded it and play it. And mouse win these rank:

20 mouse (bot)

17 huk (bot)

12 awd (bot)

8 cursor (its me)

Damn! xD Those bots veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyy hardd and i can't beat these idiots xD

fdwfdf 7 years ago


org biase 7 years ago

very game! cayalah!

efe 7 years ago


inc3pti0n 7 years ago

btw, new version is 1.8 This is 1.1 or (1.80 vs 1.10 and 1.80 is > 1.10 :P)

inc3pti0n 7 years ago


Florian Hufsky

ande 8 years ago

non ci credo.

isidoro122 8 years ago

finalmente ce!!!

Ayaan 8 years ago

now im going to play the game :)))

? 8 years ago

HOw do I do multiplayer

ajay kumar saxena 8 years ago

mario game easy and my favourit thanking you

joshuakammeraad 8 years ago

best mario game ever

Crazy gamer 8 years ago

i had downloaded this game before and it is a really coooooooool game.I have also created some levels but i don't know how to put these lavels on this site.;-)

Ragnar 9 years ago

Det händer inget när jag trycker på ladda ner super mario war 1.10

suzan90 9 years ago

il est trop bien fait et on peu prand mario et luigi yoshi

kurbi il les trop bien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suzan90 9 years ago

jaime beaucoup se jeu il les trop genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul 9 years ago

Cool Game and guys if you want to make a level go to editor and than press (H) and it will tell you how to its like help and press t to add walls and stuff :)

RONAN 9 years ago


lucas 9 years ago

is this for homebrew channel if not i'll figure it out...

vezonicle 9 years ago

how do you create a level?

DANIEL 9 years ago


saif 9 years ago

simply superb

M@Y@/\/K D!_!DE !S !-!ERE 9 years ago




Kirsten 9 years ago

I can't download it :'(

xbox 360 is better than ps3 9 years ago

how do you make it full screen

supermario 9 years ago

how to download super mario editors

rafael 9 years ago

exelent game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linker 9 years ago

v. 1.8 beta 1+level editor+world editor=)

max1011 10 years ago

there are no musics and no characters choice then no team...

newest is... 10 years ago

...v 1.8 beta 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its version 1.5 10 years ago

its realy v 1.5

fernando 10 years ago

how do you use the level editor?

video_game_fan 12 years ago

Great game! I love the map creator.

Can we post our maps somewere?

isaac_rn 12 years ago

hola que tal este juego se ve muy bien gracias

Guest 12 years ago

Wait a minute, version 1.1? Version 1.6 is already out and version 1.7's RC2 is out.

This is a VERY fun game. I especially like to make my own levels with the built-in level editor.

juju 12 years ago

50/50 because the map maker doesnt work and its hard 2 make a map even if i did work,but its a kewl game

Paul 12 years ago

If you fell inot the pit, you will be teleported to the top, and also when you go to the left you'll be teleported to the right! AWSOME!

Dave 13 years ago

Awsome Love the Sonic skin

Marioiscool 13 years ago

Very good! i liked the gameplay and the "franticness" of the game was awsum! I liked the fraglimit mode best!

N/A 14 years ago

Good game, but the map editor doesn't work properly.

Armando 14 years ago

Crazy game.

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