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Developer: Kalle
Year: 1998
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: 80%
Downloads: 5,056
Size: 28 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Tetpus Review

Sometimes the most addicting puzzle games are the simplest. This makes most "new" puzzle games either hit or miss, and developers often tend to try altering previous games to revive new life into an old classic. Tetpus is one of those, trying to remove the whole "falling blocks" element of Tetris, and instead base it upon dragging blocks into a grid, clearing both vertical and horizontal lines.

Tetpus features no sound and very minimal graphics - just simple backgrounds and borders, and flat-shaded blocks to maneuver. There is a clock animation and a score box on the right, along with the piece you are to drag into the grid with either the mouse or shift and arrow keys. The instructions specify that you can rotate blocks using the space bar, but that does not seem to work.

The game is extremely simple and that is certainly what it suffers from. Not being able to rotate blocks, and being stuck with 3 piece blocks, the game is extremely boring for the first few minutes. Later on (and without warning), the blocks grow in size; each piece having four. This switch often kills off the player and is more of a nuisance than a challenge. Tetpus is fun for one or two turns, but that's about it.

2 User Comments

elisabeth w. 6 years ago

I'm really sorry that I cannot download tetpus. I love this game but apparently it's not compatible to Windows 7. Is there any chance to get a new version of tetpus?

Silvia Purper 8 years ago

Sou apaixonada por este jogo. Estou usando o Windows 7 e não consigo baixar no meu computador. Mão sei inglês. Podem me ajudar? Obrigada.

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