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Wizard of Wor 98

Developer: Unknown
Year: 1998
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 85%
Downloads: 10,535
Size: 153 KB
Added: 15 years ago

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You have to kill aliens if you kill a blue one a yellow one will spawn, killing the yellow one produces a red one. If you kill that one then it dies. Once all the aliens are dead you progress to the next level.

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vishal khilliya 2 years ago

hanji dikhdeya

Kartik 6 years ago


Kim Nandwani 6 years ago


David T 7 years ago

Doesn't seem to work on Windows 7 64-Bit even when I try running as windows 98 comparability

er 7 years ago


Iron Man 9 years ago

YEAH,YEAH,YEAH I REMEMBER WIZARD OF WOR (1980) BY MIDWAY AND WOW(1984)BY OLEANDER VERY WELL.IT WAS VERY GOOD EXCELLENT DELICIOUS SUPER GREAT FANTASTIC AMAZING FABULOUS MARVELOUS NICE AND SPLENDID GAME. I WAS PLAYED MANY HOURS IN THIS GAME WITH MY:SMOKIES,brothers,cousins and father. ABSOLUTELY FUCKEN COOL GAME. I RECOMMEND THIS PRETTY COOL GAME FOR EVERYBODIES. HAVE A NICE DAYS AND YERS AND ENJOYIN' IT DUDES(PALLS). LET'S ROCK. ROCK IT. CHECK IT OUT.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT GAME AND PLEASE TO COVERED ANOTHER PARTS OF: WIZARD OF WOR,giana sisters,head the ball,super frog,pang,soccer kid,risky woods,montezuma's revenge,the return of montezuma,indiana jones,tomb rider,prince of persia,summer camp,winter camp,park patrol,river raid 1 and 2 and so on,wings of furry,1942,battle ships,lotus turbo esprit challenge,test drive,another world,flashback,contra,commando,ricochet,arkanoid,krakOut,the last ninja,first samurai,second samurai,ninja masters,ollie & lissa,outrun,tom boy,top gun,rambo,terminator,predator,allien,allien vs predator,prehistorik,1942,raid over moscow,operation wolf,desert strike,ratinator,heavymetal rider,heavymetal girl,conflict in vietnam,super mario bros,fancy mario,donkey kong,yogi bear,yogi's the great escape,michael jackson,body blows,pit fighter,bomber man,bomber jack,jumping jackson and so on good classics from c64,c116,c128,a500,a600,a1000,a1200,a2000,a3000 and a4000. See Ya.

Erik 10 years ago

This game brings up memories... I played this game on the C64(before that the frst version wasfor the Atari company). It was a Floppydisc at that time, I was the best, and still (lol) Its a great and its easy. I cant say its the best game ever , but I like this game more then Pac-Man (Means eat in Chinees)because this game you can play with two people and with pacman you cant. Try this game with friends its a 100% fun. Even my wife loves it!!!

Gary 10 years ago

If you have trouble running the game in WIN XP use the compatibility wizard by right clicking on the icon and select compatability... then WIN98. Runs great after that.

kljkljkl 10 years ago

best game ever

Guest 12 years ago

Exceptional game! I remember playing this on my old C64. We used to stay up well past midnite playing. A worthwhile game!

Tom Barrister 13 years ago

The game looks okay, but it will mess up Windows XP until you reboot your computer, as any attempt to click on the desktop will automatically select several icons.

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