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X Operations

Developer: Team MITEI
Year: 2003
Genre: Action
Rating: 85%
Downloads: 14,934
Size: 3.74 MB
Added: 15 years ago

Our X Operations Review

This great shoot-em-up game features 16 different types of weapons. There are about 33 maps, which can be played in any order. No, the graphics are not as great as a game that you might find at the store, but each map has great detail and is highly realistic. The size of the game is small for a 3D game with so many options, so I would recommend downloading it.
Some people have problems running the game, so here are the instructions:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Run config4xops04.exe, and press 'Save'.
3. Run xops090.exe to start the game!

33 User Comments

beep 3 years ago


iton 3 years ago

No comment :)

ken 5 years ago

how do you run this on mac? I thought this was for the mac os

Payz 5 years ago

Very excellent this game...all guys of like this game...make download X Operations 0.96 and in configuration use 'Another Gunsigh' and in game use HOME.

Play for fun :)

hdxb 6 years ago


ariel 6 years ago


jose 6 years ago

esse jogo é e massa para quem nao da para baixar couter strike

korea 7 years ago

im korea!!! haha

good games 7 years ago

wowwww nice game.......he,,,he,,

Titi mahaba 7 years ago

dis game is so suck

jorge 8 years ago

is there an X ops for mac?

You know mwe 8 years ago

I need this game in spanish please...!!!

Aaaaaaa 8 years ago

tu puto juego no anda gil gato vigo tomatela eeehhhh guacho mori mamon mamooooon.....

daasdas 8 years ago

난 그거해봤는데... 시시해

James 9 years ago

The Add On missions are really cool, except it's all in Japanese. Someone should translate :)

yann 9 years ago

esse game e bom para pc lerdo q nao tem cs

e bom ser esse.

Yooo 9 years ago

me parese una muy buen juego, todavia no lo descarge, pero ya lo conosco de antes. se los recomiendo... no se si funcionara aca, pero a mi me gusta mucho este juego... se parese al counter-strike...

lol 9 years ago

Counter strike only , very good Counter strike 1.6 and source and condition zero.

anthony 9 years ago

je veux joué

Clear HC 9 years ago

Here you can find the latest updates, downloads, a forum, info and much more, please visit! (its in english, dont worry XD )

and be sure to join the forum http://xoperations.gaminggalaxy.net

Erik 10 years ago

A early version of Deus-Ex game for pc, even here there are some nice cheats for summoning weapons, ammo and whatever you need. If you are lucky one of those Japanese could explain more.

DylanMather 12 years ago

<< sorry for the 2x post XD >>

X Operations is a Fantastic First Person Shooter with 007 style graphics and Incredible Gameplay Created by two Japanese Game Developers (Team Mitei) . You, the hero, can complete any of 59 missions Ranging from clearing a whole city to eliminating a single target it KT mode. Though the Graphics may not be incredible you can see quite enough to play the game and have a fun time doing it. Also, with the Online version, you play versus your friends, family, or anyone else. There is a vast cache of Weapons a your disposal including M-1 Benelli Shotguns, Ingram MAC10 Machine Guns and HK PSG-1 Sniper Rifles. During each mission, you control one of many predetermined characters. These include police officers, Spec Ops Soldiers, Military Personnel and civilians. You proceed through the level, completing whatever mission is set out for you. This, in a nutshell, is XOPS.


Here you can find the latest updates, downloads, a forum, info and much more, please visit! (its in english, dont worry XD )

and be sure to join the forum http://www.forumsvibe.com/xoperations !

Dylan Mather 12 years ago

I have an xoperations site that offers modifications, extra missions and other stuff


Guest 12 years ago

I love the multiplayer. But i hate Japanese because they kill themself or their own team. A lot

madkid 12 years ago

This is an awsome game. The graphics are not all that good, but that's why my computer runs it, but the game play is great! It's pretty realistic. I like the weapons too. I'm definatly glued to it. :)

KrazyKain 12 years ago

the new version adds shotguns, blood spatter, drawing guns in first person, new maps and guns... trust me.. get it!

theres even an online version.. look for it

kholio 13 years ago

a nice game with nice graphcs

The daddy 13 years ago

I tweaked the sound effects with my own files after that i was happy with the game

the graphics could do with some work but overall its a nice game

sam 14 years ago

this game is the best in the world

Guest 14 years ago

It also should be translated into english.

Guest 14 years ago

The game is pretty good, but as like someone said the graphics arn't that good as today. The should be an editor to make your own places, and there should be secret cheats too. =)

Kvon 14 years ago

A good game, except the graphics are not up to todays standards, and there are no rocket lauchers or shotguns. But overall, I think it's a great game once you get it working right. I just don't like the Japanese and when a error pops up, you don't know what it is because it's in Japanese!

punny 14 years ago

Its good, but it's in Japanese and u dont know what u r doing most of the time, and the levels are too short.

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