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Yeti Sports 2: Orca Slip

Developer: Chris Hilgert
Year: 2004
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 81%
Downloads: 15,965
Size: 1.16 MB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Yeti Sports 2: Orca Slip Review

Throw snowballs at the penguins as they jump off of a whale. You must position your cursor and click at the right time so that the penguins hit the dartboard as close as possible to the bull's-eye. This is a very unique game, and quite fun. It's made in flash and the graphics run very smoothly.

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asdas 10 months ago

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jlkjl 2 years ago


sefa 2 years ago


ameet 2 years ago


Ahsan Ejaz 7 years ago

very naicee :)

nitin hans 9 years ago

this is best..............

frank 10 years ago

i can't believe it i have been waiting for ages to download this game and i have finally found it thank you so much and i would most definately reccomend it to others!

Erik 10 years ago

A funny game, it takes some time to get the right timing, but then it may be only BuLlSEye!!

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