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Developer: Free Lunch Design
Year: 2004
Genre: Action
Rating: 53%
Downloads: 5,926
Size: 673 KB
Added: 13 years ago

Our Zombiepox Review

Zombiepox is another one of those games where you go around trying to save the world, or at least your friends. People are turning in to zombies and it is your job to save your friends by throwing brains at the zombies to turn them back into humans. However, be careful, if you are exposed to a zombie, you become one as well and all hope is lost.

Although the idea behind Zombiepox is a good one, I found that the game might be good only for those times when you have a short break and you do not know what to do with it. The game can quickly get boring and you can quickly become frustrated with the game's keystroke lag. Just when you think you are going to win the level you find yourself unable to move because of some ?strange? force, and you hit the keys repeatedly and this causes you to move uncontrollably when your character does decide to move.

Even though the game does have its weaknesses, it is still perfect for those times when you only have a few minutes and you want to play a quick game.

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sss 11 months ago


hamba Allah 8 years ago

the game is suck and damn.. arrgghh.. warning to exit this game all.. XO

ExplosivePatato 9 years ago

BoxHead much?

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