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Zone Runner

Developer: Euphoric Rush
Year: 2002
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 77%
Downloads: 9,128
Size: 990 KB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Zone Runner Review

In Zone Runner, you must collect all of the coins in the level to move onto the next. There are 3 zones, with the first 2 having 10 levels and the last having 5, for a total of 25 very challenging levels. Between each zone, you will get a password that can be used at the main screen to access the following world.

At first, the game might appear easy. But then you start encountering new obstacles, like mines, springs, lava, fireballs, ice cubes, and moving platforms. The game starts getting pretty hard around the 8th level, but at that point you are so addicted that it doesn't matter.

Zone Runner is a must-have. This is one of those games where it's so addictive that you spent hours trying to get past a hard level. So download it. And be sure to check out the sequel, Zone Runner 2.

6 User Comments

sebastian 3 years ago

kto da jakieĊ› kody. mam tylko jeden :465532

<(^ ^,)> manbearpig 8 years ago

i wanna play it all the time but my mummy said "your brains will fry and they'll turn into mushy pancakes if you keep on playing at this rate" i screamed and i've never played again... other than that scary experience its a great game!

timmy 8 years ago

timmy was absolutely astonished by the wonderful graphics of this game,it was almost like timmy was actually there. timmy wuvz this awesum game. timmy, timmy, timmy.:!:.

gamenerd1672 8 years ago

OMG how do u do zone 3 its sooo hard i've been playing for 23 hrs straight... and im starting 2 feel tired and i sort of need to do a you-know-what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamilsona 9 years ago

powiem tyle ze do zone runner to 465532 !!

Dorota 9 years ago

A gdzie kody do gry ??

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