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Zone Runner 2

Developer: Euphoric Rush
Year: 2003
Genre: Arcade
Rating: 74%
Downloads: 10,370
Size: 1.37 MB
Added: 14 years ago

Our Zone Runner 2 Review

Zone Runner 2 is a very simple yet extremely addictive game. The concept is simple: run through the zones, while collecting the gold coins and avoiding the obstacles. I'll admit it's not the most original game, but there's something about it that keeps you hooked.

There are 30 stages total, with 10 stages in each of the 3 zones. The game will save after every zone you complete. There are various obstacles, consisting of mines, platforms, and conveyor belts. As you progress through the game, more of these are introduced (the first ones show up after the 2nd level).

Overall, ZR2 is a great game. It's challenging enough to keep you hooked, but not so challenging that you'll give up and throw your computer out the window. And you might also want to check out the prequel, Zone Runner.

8 User Comments

Aldirus 3 years ago

So who is winner? My record: 94% of the game (video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTxb034ic54 ). 7 years Im waiting for 3rd game...I hope it will be released soon :)

hearues_zueke 3 years ago

i love the zone runner games (1 & 2).

the third one seems really great, i'm waiting for it, good luck for it

ChrisStreet 4 years ago

Glad you like the games! A third is in the works...

caleb 6 years ago

assdsefefdedszzsfrewaefeqe qqa

chantel :) 9 years ago

i played zone runner 1 and zone runner 2 in primary school

(was one of the best girls at it = NERD! lol)

7 yrs later im still playing both ZR1&2 and i still love them

memo 9 years ago

quiero jugarlo

argonit 10 years ago

i love this <3.

alejandra 12 years ago

quiero jugar al zone runner me gusta mucho

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